email: Are you buried in utility bills? See this solution . . . - 01/08/12 08:32 AM
There are three ways most REO agents handle their utility bills:
1. Pay each bill with a check and set the check aside for several weeks until it is due to minimize the leverage of funds
2. Pay by bill-pay through your banking website which only takes daunting hours of your time due to hundreds of accounts that are no longer used or require deletion
3. Use Realty Pilot's Concourse 360 to create the record of the check file and print one check for each utility company at the end of the month
Let's face it banks don't pay a management … (4 comments)

email: REO agents time to send your asset company a 1099 - 12/15/11 02:37 AM
Did you know that over twelve percent of all broker price opinions (BPOs) are not paid by their respective BPO companies? Realty Pilot's BPO tracking system is used by thousands of agents in the industry and reviews the statistical data of payments recorded by the agents tracking these late payments. A few clicks and a report can show you the aging BPOs that were completed and not paid. Receivables are crucial in this real estate market. It also can give you a good understanding of which companies that you may want to avoid when they call for their next BPO … (3 comments)

email: How to Setup a Virtual Brokerage - 12/13/11 09:22 AM
If you own a brokerage or would like to start a brokerage and manage all your tasks right from the web then this blog will provide you the necessary tools to get started. It was six years ago when Google first leaked out that cloud computing was going to be the next generation of the technology push. When I found out about this from that leak, I somehow knew they were right. At the same time I was sitting on a program that I wrote in Excel using Visual Basic to manage my whole real estate software but in order to … (4 comments)

email: IS there too much technology in your business? - 12/13/11 12:19 AM
Technology can be a blessing or a hindrance, which one is it for you? There is something to say about doing one thing successfully instead of doing many things half way as good. That is the way many people live in today's business world. Part of the issue is not that the agent or broker is guilty of not concentrating on the processes that make them successful but more so in the fact that the world of business today is made up of time consuming matters such as catchy advertising, email, systems not talking to one another, etc. All these things … (2 comments)

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