Apparantley a rumor was spread over the weekend that Facebook was going to start charging for people for having profiles, prompting many users to post the following status: FACEBOOK JUST RELEASED THEIR PRICE GRID FOR MEMBERSHIP,$9.99 PER MONTH FOR GOLD  MEMBER SERVICES,$6.99 PER MONTH FOR SILVER ...
I review a lot of Realtors Facebook pages, and those who are successful are engaging... not sharing.  Your Facebook marketing strategy should consist of you creating compelling content, thought provoking posts, and engaging questions.  If you're simply just sharing articles that you've found in y...
So, it's been a few months since Zillow purchased Postlets.  There's plently of speculation of why Zillow picked up the company; most possibly a move to counter the requirements Move, Inc. placed on it, and to gain more of a foothold in syndication. But my other thought is leads.  Now that Zillow...
  As real estate agents we like our name on everything… we are the ultimate self promoters.  But if you want a great web presence, forget about you – people aren’t looking for you.  One common mistake I often see is agent websites have their name as the domain name. Using your name in your websit...
I'm debating whether, or not, to put together a couple tutorials on how to effectively use Google Adwords - one intermediate, and one advanced.  I have had very good success using AdWords to promote my real estate brokerage, and now with It takes some getting used to, and there ar...
Between blogging, your website, social media, and networking it seems like real estate marketing methods are endless. Although it’s important to utilize as many as possible trying to keep up with several at once can be a real headache. Striking a balance between the time you spend marketing and ...
Inman News just published a story based on the findings of a survey performed by Citi to find what online real estate marketing tools are considered to be most valuable by agents.  You can find the full story on Inman News, or by clicking here. This was a survey that asked real estate agents to r...

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