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There are  plenty of cash buyers out there and we need deals we can make money on so if a property comes up that you want to sell us contact me at your earliest convenience. We can close on anything in 10 business days. Cash is king and we never fail to close after a contract is signed by both pa...
NOW is the best time to buy a few homes and rent them for a few years. The equity you will build from purchasing a REO single family home will out pace every other investment you can find today. If you buy up to 4 to 5 homes in the next 9 months you will be a paper millionaire in 3 years. You can...
If your like most who need to gain an edge, you might want to take a course that provides quality informataion on a subject you normally would avoid, so go ahead and sign up and conquer your fears of the unknown. this will help you sell more and be more confidant and sharp. Also look like a profe...
Interest rates were 10 to 14 % and home inventory was abundant,yet many homes sold and the industry did a reasonable volume of business. The late 70s and early 80s was a kick in the teeth for many midwesterners but ready, willing and able buyers actually bought millions of homes then., This the b...
After making over One hundred cash offers for neglected/distresses properties it seems like REO sellers are very, very interesested in stopping the financial carnage/hemmoraghing once and for all. A wise seller or agent respects the immediate and bottom line results and  merits of closing in two ...
If you are representing buyers remember to be stingy in your offers. The market is still dropping and will bottom out next year. The old adage of "it is easier to to buy than sell" is true today. Media reports to the health and vitatlity of our business are exagerated at both ends. There are tons...


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