scott larson realtor: Shoud you take every listing? - 05/14/09 03:06 AM

Recently I was asked be a prospective client to list their property. (This is not it) After doing an extensive market analysis I determined what I believed to be the appropriate listing price. The client wanted a much higher price, but I showed them that the property didn't match their desired  price for the current market conditions.
They continued to point out things that had more sentimental value than market value. ( Not the fine plastic chair) I agonized about the decision I was about to make, " I can't spend my time , money, and effort in a listing … (10 comments)

scott larson realtor: House of the Week "Horse Lovers Country Estate" - 05/13/09 06:50 AM

scott larson realtor: What are you going to tell MOM? - 05/13/09 05:43 AM

Here is my wordless Wednesday post.
Scott Larson Re/Max Towne Square Realty in Monroe, WI. "Your Realtor for the Region"
For all your real estate need visit
Come visit Green County Wisconsin and see the hidden treasures in the land of cows and plows.
We beleive that if you vivit our small part of the world you will want to make it home

scott larson realtor: Could you resist this? - 05/12/09 05:07 AM

Could you resist this? The temperature is in the 70's a heat wave for May Wisconsin. The calm soothing water is calling you from your desk at the office. The phone hasn't rang all morning. Your closings are 3 weeks off. There is cold beverages with tasty snacks waiting for you.
Could you resist?
Scott Larson Re/Max Towne Square Realty Monroe, WI. "Your Realtor for the Region"

scott larson realtor: Have you ever had gallbadder surgery? Here's my picture of the surgery - 05/11/09 05:01 AM
I had gallbladder surgery last week and I thought I would share with my fellow Activerainers my surgery picture. I want to thank you all for your prayers and cards. I'm getting back into the swing of things and thought you could all use a good Monday chuckle, I will refrain because it hurts to laugh.
For all your realestate needs call Scott Larson, the realtor on the Region at 608-214-9844

scott larson realtor: Great Commercial Building lot with high traffic on Main Highway - 05/08/09 08:21 AM

scott larson realtor: What is in Lake Montesian? - 05/08/09 02:44 AM
It surfaced just briefly.
In the village of Monticello nestled in the middle of fertile hills of Green county Wisconsin, lays Lake Montesian.
A great place to fish or feed the ducks with your children.
A history richly steeped in cheese.

Monticello a great place to live and visit. call me for a personalized tour. Scott Larson 608-214-8944

scott larson realtor: Brains??? No, it's "Morels" in the Wisconsin woodlands - 05/07/09 02:28 AM

It's time to venture into the woodlots of Wisconsin for it's short-lived but tasty Morel mushroom season. These wild delicacies are found near dying Elm trees yet have been found even in the middle of people's yards. Nothing beats these little beauties when they are cleaned, coated with flour, and fried in butter. A word of caution, be very careful what you pick, many mushrooms are poisonous. make sure you take an experienced shroomer when you venture out. Once you have had a morel you will be hooked and look forward to the annual spring hunt. Oh yes, these are … (5 comments)

scott larson realtor: Has lending come to a hault? I asked the Bank - 05/06/09 08:30 AM

This is Steve Bechtolt of Wisconsin Community Bank in Monroe, WI. I asked him this question.
Has Mortgage lending really come to a halt? There are many myth’s related to the mortgage industry that have been circulating for the past several months. Some of them are accurate while others seem to come from the best fiction writers known to mankind. The number one thing people need to remember is that they live in the Midwest/Wisconsin. Most news releases refer to the real estate market as “rapidly declining home values”, “record foreclosure rates”, “Bad exotic mortgages” .  Don’t get me wrong, Wisconsin … (1 comments)

scott larson realtor: Somewhere over the Rainbow Wednesday - 05/05/09 11:57 PM

Scott Larson of Re/max Towne Square Realty first attempt at a wordless Wednesday. Taken out the back door of my home. If you look close in the upper left you can see that it is a double rainbow. I quess I haven't been to wordless.
Your Realtor of the Region, in Monroe, WI and Green County the Swiss Cheese capital of the World

scott larson realtor: What kind of Tree is this? - 05/05/09 03:20 AM
What kind of tree is this? I was driving to a clients home and I saw this beautiful flowering tree. Awesome curb appeal. Too bad I could not take this tree to my clients home. How are your arbor skills?
I was at a hotel this past weekend and watched a show on HGTV about landscaping your home for selling, it was amazing the transformations. The best part was it didn't cost alot to make that all important first imperssion, This is something we should point out to all our clients.

scott larson realtor: A Fantastic finish to a Great College Career, and a Proud Dad - 05/05/09 01:35 AM
This is my son Nic, he is senior pitcher for the UW Parksde a division 2 college in Kenosha WI. This past weekend he played in his last 2 games of his collegiate career at Lewis University. I was doubly blessed to be able to watch him pitch and earn the "Saves" in both games.

Not only has my son excelled on the playing field, but will graduate with the top students this May 16th in Sports Management/Communications. But even more then academics and athletics successes, he has grown to become a man of strong values and character, with a … (4 comments)

scott larson realtor: Do you want to save over $ 700.00? - 04/30/09 07:09 AM

Do you want to save over $ 700.00?
As you know we spend a lot of time in our mobile office during the year so here are a couple of was to save some green
Drive like you don’t have to work for the rest of the year because you closed on 100 homes. Driving less aggressive can save you over 35% on your gas consumption. Clean up the mobile office. By removing  the extra weight, can increase the mpg’s Give your car a health check up. Change filters, oil, and have it tuned up. Don’t forget the … (3 comments)

scott larson realtor: Have you ever seen rocks cry? - 04/30/09 02:20 AM

I was driving in the western part of Green County Wisconsin yesterday and I saw these crying rocks. Water was just flowing out of them. I think they were so happy that spring is here. Just one of the great reasons to live in Green county Wisconsin. If you have a client that wants to live in a land with happy rocks contact me at

Have you ever seen crying rocks?

scott larson realtor: It must be SPRING - 04/29/09 05:51 AM

Earth Day at the Larson homestead. My mother and children have been bit by the Spring bug. A time to plant. Have you talked to your clients about their yard in regards to curb appeal? Remember we have but one chance to make that first impression. Have a great Spring!

scott larson realtor: Have your ever been chased by a pheasant? - 04/29/09 01:44 AM

The other day I was going to a clients house when I was chased be a pheasant. With all the obstacles we face to make sale now we have to contend with aggressive birds. So if you ever find yourself traveling the back roads of Green County WI., watch out.

scott larson realtor: The Civil War in Brodhead Wisconsin - 04/28/09 06:51 AM

Last night I was treated to a very informative talk about the Civil War as a presentation of the Brodhead's Historical Society. Many times we think we have to travel long distance to see or hear great programs, when in fact much is happening right in our back yard. What does your community have to offer? It is the stuff your clients love to know when you take them on showings.

Here are some of the many items that were on display. It is said "that if we don't understand history it will be repeated", and this could be … (1 comments)

scott larson realtor: Dandelions, coming to a lawn near you! - 04/28/09 03:25 AM
How can I stop them for better “Curb Appeal” Since dandelions thrive on thin weak turf, a good preventative measure is proper lawn maintenance.
Mow high and frequently. Mowing high means keeping your grass on the longer side of its optimal height. This keeps the soil cooler and provides shade that restricts the growth of annual weeds. Weed seeds on the soil surface need the heat of the sun to flourish. Scalping your lawn is an open invitation for weeds. Second, once weeds have already invaded your lawn, frequent mowing will keep them in check. A weed can't form seed … (3 comments)

scott larson realtor: Water Water everywhere, but not in my basement - 04/27/09 05:08 AM

I had a client that had an issue with water until I noticed that the gutters were plugged. If you have clients with water issues here are some helpful fixes
Basements leak for many reasons which include:
Surface run-off due to poor grading. Lack of or defective gutters and downspouts. Vegetation too close to foundation walls. Blocked drainage at the base of a home's exterior walls. A defective or missing footing drainage system.   These preventative measures are reasonably easy, inexpensive tasks that can be done by most homeowners, except the French drain system.
 Proper grading is absolutely imperative. … (1 comments)

scott larson realtor: Does your office say welcome? - 04/27/09 02:27 AM

Does your office say welcome? Every little touch is important in our business, even if it is just a nice area for your clients to wait while you finish up on the phone. I doesn't have to be extravagant, just a couple of chairs, current magazines, and even a sweet treat is appreciated.

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