buying: How to Know if the Neighborhood Where You’re Buying a House Is Safe - 07/24/19 09:41 AM
Evaluating a neighborhood before moving there is something all homeowners should do. This is the place where your family will be living and where family or friends will come to spend time with you.
Making sure you feel safe in your neighborhood is of the utmost importance. Keep in mind that a community can look nice, but it could be next door to a neighborhood that is not safe. The following are a few tips to ensure the neighborhood you are considering is a safe one.
Crime Mapping is VitalThe internet offers homebuyers crime mapping tools. There are reliable sites, such as CrimeReports … (0 comments)

buying: Buying a House with Bad Credit Score - 06/20/19 04:38 PM
Having your own roof over your head is the dream for most of us. Finally stop paying rent and using the money to pay out your own piece of property sounds much better. But buying a house with a bad credit score can be pretty difficult. Difficult yes, but not impossible. Although it will require a lot of discipline
It is no secret that a bad credit score can be a major obstacle if you want to buy a house. Keep in mind the amount of money you need to lend and the amount of extra cash that is essential if you … (0 comments)

buying: Why a Real Estate Agent Should Consider a Home Warranty - 03/03/19 01:12 PM
Only a few years ago it would have been inconceivable that a real estate agent would have even considered purchasing a home warranty. Some realtors would certainly have suggested buying one to the people who owned the house they were selling. However, nobody would have seriously mentioned it on their list of necessities.
All that has changed for several reasons. Perhaps the biggest is that realtors now include the presence of a home warranty in their listings. This makes it an attractive selling point that can also give buyers peace of mind. As a result, agents are beginning to bite the bullet … (0 comments)

buying: What to know when staging your home for sale - 01/31/18 03:20 AM
When you think of staging your home for sale, you might think of things like making minor repairs, or putting away personal pictures, or how the furniture is arranged. But there are many details that go into staging both the inside and outside of your home that you should consider.
Staging the outsideMake sure the landscaping looks goodGardening may not be your thing, and if that's the case, that's okay. You don't have to plant a bunch of flowers and plants to make things look good. Just make sure the lawn is well-maintained, cut short and looks lush and plentiful. Add some … (0 comments)

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