home security: How to Make Your House Safe for Seniors - 05/18/20 10:02 AM
As a person grows older, certain things must be taken into consideration, like mobility issues or problems with sight among other things. All of these issues could make a home dangerous unless some of the following changes are made to your house.
Deal With Fall HazardsFall hazards have to be dealt with. An elderly person's balance may not be what it used to be, and that could make it easier for them to fall. On top of that, some people of a certain age could get hurt easily, which could end up making falls much more dangerous. You want to remove cords, clutter, … (0 comments)

home security: Tomorrow's Home Security is Going to Change the Game for Homeowners - 07/14/18 05:32 AM
Home security is vital for homeowners in many ways. For one, security helps protect a home and the family within it. These systems also help boost property value, which will be helpful if you ever sell your home. Still, these systems are changing and it is going to affect homeowners and the home selling market.
Implementation of AIOne of the most interesting developments in home security systems is AI. At the moment, most security systems rely on expert security personnel to monitor a home. These devices are usually smart and help detect anomalies, which are then reported to the security team.
The … (2 comments)

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