remodelling: How to Make Your House Safe for Seniors - 05/18/20 10:02 AM
As a person grows older, certain things must be taken into consideration, like mobility issues or problems with sight among other things. All of these issues could make a home dangerous unless some of the following changes are made to your house.
Deal With Fall HazardsFall hazards have to be dealt with. An elderly person's balance may not be what it used to be, and that could make it easier for them to fall. On top of that, some people of a certain age could get hurt easily, which could end up making falls much more dangerous. You want to remove cords, clutter, … (0 comments)

remodelling: Home Improvement Options for People Looking to Sell Their House - 02/28/18 11:18 AM
Home owners are often perplexed as to which improvements will make a difference in the resale of their home. While the price of all improvements may not be recaptured in a resale, it is important to keep in mind that you want to be comfortable and be proud of your home while you live in it. For that reason, in addition to resale value, you may consider making improvements that will enhance the home for you and your family to enjoy in the present.
Improvements and Investments that Pay OffRoofReplacing a leaky roof repays a high return on investment of at least … (0 comments)

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