blogging tips: Stuck In A Rut? The Top 5 Ways to Change Up The Ambiance and Get in the Mood to Blog - 04/16/09 02:29 PM
Stuck in a Rut? The Top 5 Ways to Change Up the Ambiance and Get In the Mood to Blog
The Scenario:  You sit down at your desk ready to crank out another local real estate post.  You may or may not have your topic in front of you but this is the time you have allotted to write and you are bound and determined to crank the words out and then as you begin to type.....
BLANK-----BLANK----You got nothin'.
You are stuck in a blogging rut.  You need to change up the ambiance and get in the mood to blog.
There's … (89 comments)

blogging tips: Let The Information Flow Through You and PULL Clients To You. - 01/21/09 06:56 AM
It's an interesting internet world these days.  To say the times are changing is a reality that's understated.  To say that moments are changing each and every day is closer to the truth. 
Illusions are becoming echos of the past.  Illusions have been the reality of real estate for over a decade.  Look where we all are now.
The freedom of information online is not a deterent to business, but when artfully executed, it is a moneymaker.  If you are just getting started in social networking and blogging I want to encourage you to let the information flow freely.  If … (78 comments)

blogging tips: Sticky and Suh-weet, I'm Finally Posting My Lemonade Treats - 01/05/09 03:47 AM
What's in a meme? 
A meme about lemonade by any other name would be, well, just as sweet.
Because of the Pay It Forward quality of this meme.
I get a chance to thank these bloggers
 And pass you along to them
Tagged by the wonderful Liz Moras- Subscribe

and the equally lovely Valerie Spaulding- Subscribe

It's time to get behind my stand.  The work of these bloggers is an easy sell and the price tag of free can't be beat.
First I want to … (17 comments)

blogging tips: Beat the manic Monday syndrome - 02/10/08 12:11 PM
No Monday blues here.  I am looking forward to Monday, February 11th.
No, I am not crazy, and while I'd like to chalk this up to the fact that I believe I am a positive person, I have more than a little help with this one tomorrow.
So what's got me all warm and fuzzy with anticipation?  No special happy hours tomorrow folks, just a good dose of online advice, networking and keynote speakers at the 2008 National Real Estate Convention.
The Convention runs from February 11th-February 17th.  You can register easily online and your login and password to attend this convention will be … (11 comments)

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