blogs: Top 7 Tips To Connect with Blog Comments - 10/14/09 09:35 AM

Top 7 Tips to Connect with Blog Comments  
Do you want to kick your blogging up a notch? One key to successful blogging is listening.  When you listen by reading a blog post you need to treat that time as you would if you were sitting across the table from a prospective client.
To listen you need to make a commitment to unplug from your other tasks at hand. There's a lot of hearing that gets done online, but listening is in a class all its own.  If you truly listen you set yourself up for great connections and … (37 comments)

blogs: Stuck In A Rut? The Top 5 Ways to Change Up The Ambiance and Get in the Mood to Blog - 04/16/09 02:29 PM
Stuck in a Rut? The Top 5 Ways to Change Up the Ambiance and Get In the Mood to Blog
The Scenario:  You sit down at your desk ready to crank out another local real estate post.  You may or may not have your topic in front of you but this is the time you have allotted to write and you are bound and determined to crank the words out and then as you begin to type.....
BLANK-----BLANK----You got nothin'.
You are stuck in a blogging rut.  You need to change up the ambiance and get in the mood to blog.
There's … (89 comments)

blogs: A Social Media Exercise on Hump Day - 03/25/09 03:27 AM
A Social Media Exercise on Hump Day I've been inspired by this post, "The 22 Step Social Media Marketing Plan" from blogger Peter Kim written last November.  Kim cites 22 examples of social media marketing methods and the corporations who are using these online methods.  Since the 1,000,000th blog post has been announced on Active Rain I thought it might be fun to look through my blog to find examples of different social media marketing.  I found a few, Social Media Madness for Real Estate Professionals Blogs My 2008 Blogging Revelation:  Blogging to Consumers Opened My Eyes  Conversations Are for Everyone  … (8 comments)

blogs: My nearly purchased new precious gadget - 02/26/08 05:14 PM
I found a precious gadget just one short week ago. It's got me excited and I am anticipating the day that I can call it mine. Since I spotted it a week ago on Amazon, it has been out of stock. Seems they can't keep this lightweight contender around for too long. In the spirit of sharing and an attempt to thwart any possibilities of turning into a Golem-like creature, I'll tell you what it is. I've got the fever for the flavor of The Kindle. The Kindle is all about convenience, weighing a mere 10.3 ounces. It is Amazon's wireless … (11 comments)

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