inspirational stories: The Liberties of a Real Estate Entrepreuner - 07/04/10 02:59 AM
The daily grind of a career in real estate can be exhausting.  Your clients and vendors needs (and sometimes demands) may seem never ending. The hustle and bustle of real estate starts at the listing or home buying purchase and doesn't end with each transaction until it closes.
You might say a career choice in real estate is truly suited for a few determined souls.
Living in the land of the brave
A Real estate career is not all a tale of woe
It is a choice both of career and lifestyle
It has it's challenges but is rewarded by … (25 comments)

inspirational stories: Inspirational Stories~Short Sale Sellers Seem Out of Touch? They are Just Everyday People - 06/08/09 04:03 AM
Short Sale Sellers Seem Out of Touch? They are Just Everyday People
As a former short sale seller reading the increasing articles on short sales and blog posts about the process I just have to scratch my head.  The increase of "creative financing", the seemingly endless lines of credit available, and a little thing called human nature is now swirling into a little thing my grandparents would have called repercussion.
Some call short sale homeowners greedy and unrealistic.  Maybe a little out of touch...but do you remember?
Do you remember the first thing you ever crushed on and lost? Maybe … (7 comments)

inspirational stories: Inspirational Stories~Coasting On A Good Vibration-Connecting with Real People Is the Real Deal - 04/23/09 01:49 PM
Inspirational Stories~ Coasting On A Good Vibration.  Connecting with Real People Is the Real Deal
Really Simple Thoughts Today.....
Of The Great Feelings that come when you connect with real people
Talking about real ways to use the tools of the internet to connect online
Prospects and First Dates are great
Getting to know people and getting past the meet and greet is even better
Learning how to connect is good
Getting past the connection and interacting regularly rocks
Focus, a plan, balance- it all seems so simple....but online it all seems entangled
It doesn't have to be
What … (13 comments)

inspirational stories: Inspirational Stories~The Journey of 100k Points: Meeting the Goal to Be More OpenSource - 03/23/09 09:48 AM
Inspirational Stories~The Journey of 100k Points:  Meeting the Goal To Be More Opensource
Browsing through the pages of my blog today I am  happy to find that I've met my ultimate goal after having surpassed 100,000 points.  I can honestly say that I shook the old skool sales devil from my shoulder and have been able to turn my blog into an archive of information and motivation.  These were not the sales tactics taught to me.Here's the cliffnotes of my real estate story.When I first entered the real estate industry 17 years ago I worked for a real estate attorney.  I … (19 comments)

inspirational stories: Inspirational Stories~My 2009 Resolution: Preach Less, Practice More, and Take the Easy Way Out - 01/02/09 06:05 AM
Inspirational Stories~My 2009 resolution is to preach less, practice more, and take the easy way out.  
Learning to Preach Less
Sometimes I speak in metaphors and other times I just speak very conversationally.  I like to step away from what I've written and read it aloud.  When I read it I before I publish it I ask myself,
"Would I have spoken these words had I an audience of 10, 20, 100, or 126,635 before me to hear them?"
The answer is always "yes" otherwise the "post this entry button" doesn't get pushed.
As for 2009, my resolution … (57 comments)

inspirational stories: Inspirational Stories~If Your Resume Could Talk What Would It Say About You? - 04/08/08 03:31 PM
If your resume could talk,what would it say about you? As a real estate professional you wear many hats. Do you convey these to your clients. There are really over a dozen titles you could claim quite easily. Just for fun and giggles, I've listed 10 and added their value in the open market with help from
Competitive Pricing Analyst- $50,000.00 Interior designer I- $32,000 Ecommerce Marketing Director- $127,000 Graphic Design Specialist- $45,000 Property Manager- $77,000 Marketing Specialist- $49,000 Webmaster-$65,000 Travel Coordinator-$42,000 Executive Recruiter- $74,000  
And then you can go ahead and add in your miscellaneous titles, whether … (19 comments)

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