listening: Conversations on the Sidelines: A Look at Google Sidewiki - 09/29/09 01:35 PM
Conversations on the Sidelines:  A Look at Google Sidewiki Google has launched a new application that allows website visitors to comment about a webpage they are visiting and read other visitors comments.  These comments appear as a sidebar on the left-hand side of the page called Sidewiki.  Users are also able to rate the comments as useful, not useful, or report abuse. 
In true sharing fashion you can share the sidewiki comments on Twitter, Facebook or via Email.  Brings a different sort of meaning to the power of referrals.
You can install the Google toolbar with Sidewiki here.
I … (8 comments)

listening: 5 Audience Approved and Participant Friendly Tips for Public Speaking - 08/20/09 08:33 AM
5 Audience Approved and Participant Friendly Tips for Public Speaking  
I started speaking in public just last November.  Prior to that I was used to cozy, individual,one on one consultations with clients. What I have learned along the way is that the same give and take benefits that I've had through individual consultations I am also getting through presentations to rooms of 50-250 people.
I wanted to pause a moment to reflect and share on this topic of give and take because something resonated with me yesterday.  I was invited to be one of two speakers at the WCR Madison … (7 comments)

listening: Conversations Are For Everyone, Round 2 - 03/30/09 04:39 AM
Conversations Are for Everyone, Round 2
 Why don't people blog?  They just don't want business.  They are scared.  They are antiquated.
Seems like a whole lot of assumptions to me.  Looking around the blogosphere you can't help but spend time playing hopscotch over the cracks of ego tripping.  Be careful not to get caught up in the fray. I don't care how long someone has been in real estate for or what they used to do.  Everyone in real estate has a story to tell, and some more than others, wonderful stories waiting to be told.  Shocked into fear of how … (9 comments)

listening: Want To Be A Good Listener? Start With A Note to Yourself - 03/11/09 01:44 PM
Want To Be A Good Listener? Start With A Note to Yourself
Prelude to Listening Skills
This past Sunday I watched a story on 60 Minutes about a man, Robert Cotton, who was accused of rape and was in prison for some 12 odd years for a crime he didn't commit.  He looked very similar to the actual rapist and was in the line-up which is where the rape victim, Jennifer Thompson, identified him from.
What was amazing to me was that often if the perpetrator isn't in the line up the witnesses will "tend to pick someone from the line-up … (25 comments)


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