social networking: Social Networking at Its Finest...found in moving local businesses online - 01/07/11 10:19 AM
I have been learning a great deal and not had a ton of time on my hands in the process in my new (since June) position as Digital Sales and Marketing Specialist for Rockford Register Star.  Rockford Register Star is the leading newspaper in Rockford, Illinois, an old manufacturing city....2nd highest in population to Chicago, Illinois.
It's been an interesting journey.  I go on 4 legged sales calls with our account executives and learn about the businesses in the five county metro area as well as McHenry County Illinois and Southeast Wisconsin to talk to them about their online marketing and … (8 comments)

social networking: R.E.S.P.E.C.T- In Real Estate Marketing and Sales Means Everything - 04/23/10 05:03 PM
R.E.S.P.E.C.T- In Real Estate Marketing and Sales Means Everything
Real Estate Professionals
Entrepreneurs-------Independent Contractors
Eager, Ready, Willing and Able....wouldn't ya think so?
This melting pot is a tricky mix but one thing is for sure
If you wanna be a success in real estate you just have to know

R.E.S.P.E.C.T- In Real Estate Marketing and Sales Means Everything- What does that mean? O.K. Let's go:  
R- Recruit- Recruiting is the name of the game for real estate brokers.  Use your blog and social networks to market to internet savvy real estate agents and shout out your brokerage's … (15 comments)

social networking: True or False? The Breakdown of Three Online Real Estate Marketing E-Myths - 11/10/09 06:56 PM
True or False?  The Breakdown of Three Online Real Estate Marketing E-Myths
I decided to pull a Snopes and bust out on the three E-Myths of Online Marketing.  These are common concerns I have heard in seminars, one on one consultations, or through the readership of my blog.  I hope this will allay some concerns real estate professionals have about online marketing.   1. " If I don't know all the web 2.0 tools I will be left behind and my real estate business will suffer."
  False.  A tool should be used to help you implement your marketing … (47 comments)

social networking: Building A Real Estate Community Means Growing Your Internet Presence - 10/31/09 05:41 PM
Building A Real Estate Community Means Growing Your Internet Presence
Real Estate professionals are savvy to the fact that the majority of their consumers are online shopping for homes.  Now with the expansive presence that real estate professionals can have online through various forms of social media marketing and content strategies like blogging they can take a proactive role in engaging with consumers online.
Some real estate professionals question the viability and productivity of time spent prospecting, selling, and marketing online.  What they do not see is that at its core adding an aggressive online marketing strategy that is focused, … (84 comments)

social networking: Michael Jackson, Social Media Gluttony, and Wall-E - 10/13/09 10:48 AM
Michael Jackson, Social Media Gluttony, and Wall-E
Today I was reading a newsletter from Social Media Today that warned about the risks of overusing social media, with quite a brilliant comparison made to Michael Jackon.  Social Media Gurus who rise to the top must be careful that their transparency, position, and influence does not disengage them from their audience
And isolate them......
At least that is what I got out of the analogy.
The article was prompted by a post that Jason Baer wrote, "Let's Stop Swooning Over Social Media".  I applaud this post for its spot on appraisal of what … (15 comments)

social networking: Social Networks~Go Viral with Your Blog In All the "Unusual" Places - 09/15/09 01:48 PM
For those bloggers who are working diligently on consistently creating good content you deserve a reward.  Reward yourself by stepping up and out of the usual places and seeking your consumers where they are active and willing participants.
Extend your reach beyond Twitter, Facebook and Linked In by engaging in networks where consumers, bloggers and local businesses build relationships.  I will give you fair warning, these places may be "unusal" as they are not networks and platforms of the unusual real estate suspects.
Social Networks~Go Viral with Your Blog In All of the Unusual Places
1.  (B2C)-Make Money … (27 comments)

social networking: Real Estate Brokers Move That Bus - 08/27/09 09:15 AM
Real Estate Brokers Move That Bus These are my common sense observations. I will not riddle this post with statistics and reports.  Today I am writing purely from a marketing and a consumer perspective.  I am gonna dish from the,
From A Marketer's Lens What I see across the internet on the real estate front is a great divide between the "In the Know" and the "Do Not Know/Scared To Know" professionals.  It is clear that professionals with multiple websites or one strong website portal, blog(s), flickr accounts, … (51 comments)

social networking: Open Discussion: Who Is In Your Social Stream on Facebook? - 08/25/09 05:39 AM
Open Discussion:  In Your Social Networks Who's In Your Social Stream? A question for those of you who use Facebook.
Who do you allow into your conversations on your Facebook Profile Page (not your Business Page)?

The reason I ask this question is simple.  One of the most recent upgrades on Facebook allows users to group their Friends on Facebook into lists.  You can then post certain topics to all of your lists or segregate your posts by lists. this being social?  I understand the need for privacy on certain topics, but then why posts these on Facebook? Seriously.  … (10 comments)

social networking: A Blogger's Lullaby - 08/18/09 04:31 PM
A Blogger's Lullaby Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray my soul some ease and peace
My thoughts running 200 miles an hour'Cause after all I am a blogger I am  prepared for that last "quick thought"
Got my Pad of paperMy penAnd my bottle of water
Okay almost ready to pull up the covers
Oh man...I meant to read that post that was tweeted on twitterAnd the house is so quietIt will just take a few minutes
AND then 10 minutes later a link about a "new 2.0 tool"
Embedded in that damn postNow it's an hour … (8 comments)

social networking: There's A Place for EVERYONE on Twitter - 07/24/09 11:49 AM
There's A Place for Everyone on Twitter If you enjoyed this post about Twitter, then check out these posts about Social Networking,
Stealing Bases Won't Hit It Home Everytime with Social Newtworking and Blogging Twitter Keeps Me In Check.  It's Like That and That's the Way It Is Easy Like Thursday Morning.  Inspiration Courtesy of Twitter  
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social networking: Inspirational Stories~Life Is A Shared Custody Venture - 07/23/09 05:33 AM
Sharing IS the Best Way to Be This morning like every other this week I have woken up with a smile across my face and started my day. Normally my children are still sleeping so I can get a cup of coffee or two in, do some laundry, and of course hop on my computer.  Then they awake and I find that among their cheers and breakfast wishes someone is missing.
That someone is my middle son who is spending a month with his father this summer.  
It is in that moment when I look among my children's heads and see … (11 comments)

social networking: Stealing Bases Won't Hit It Home Everytime with Social Networking and Blogging - 05/29/09 04:57 AM
Stealing Bases Won't Hit It Home Everytime with Social Networking and Blogging
You can hit it home consistently with social networking and blogging but in order to do this you gotta trackback to the beginning.  Yup most bloggers need to square right up at home plate again look the pitcher dead in the eye, and suhhhhwing dead center to hit that ball over the fence.
Many bloggers and social networkers aim to run the bases, maybe getting a client here, a client there, connecting with a new associate for referrals and it all seems good.  These folks are running with … (16 comments)

social networking: Inspirational Stories~Coasting On A Good Vibration-Connecting with Real People Is the Real Deal - 04/23/09 01:49 PM
Inspirational Stories~ Coasting On A Good Vibration.  Connecting with Real People Is the Real Deal
Really Simple Thoughts Today.....
Of The Great Feelings that come when you connect with real people
Talking about real ways to use the tools of the internet to connect online
Prospects and First Dates are great
Getting to know people and getting past the meet and greet is even better
Learning how to connect is good
Getting past the connection and interacting regularly rocks
Focus, a plan, balance- it all seems so simple....but online it all seems entangled
It doesn't have to be
What … (13 comments)

social networking: Don't Get Caught In A Generational Undercurrent. The Tides Have Turned. All Generations Are Online - 04/01/09 05:15 AM
Don't Get Stuck In A Generational Undercurrent.  The Tides Have Turned.  All Generations Are Online
It's Not a Crapshoot.  All Generations Are Online
Learning how to market with social media and blogging for future generations- "aging' Gen Y home buyers and sellers and their predecessors, Generation Z, is important because they are learning to use the tools and medium of the internet as a matter of course. 
Their lifestyles mandate the use of these tools, just like my generation, Generation X, used cordless phones and became fans of MTV.  That's the way life goes.
As real estate professionals your clients … (11 comments)

social networking: 100 Years Later Dr. Seuss Provides Lessons on Blogging, Social Networking, and the Passion of Life - 03/02/09 09:51 AM
100 Years Later Dr. Seuss Provides Lessons On Blogging, Social Networking and the Passion of Life Did you know that Dr. Seuss's (Theodor Seuss Geisel) first Children's Book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, was rejected 27 times before being published by Vanguard Press.  This celebrated author went on to become a famous children's author whose works have withstood a century's time.  Dr. Seuss's literary collection is a lesson in blogging, social networking, and the passion of life if you're willing to listen.  
A lesson on the current economic climate
" I have heard there are … (71 comments)

social networking: 5 Ways to Grow Your Community through Internet Education - 02/18/09 07:50 AM
You should be the go to person when it comes to local real estate information.    Have you considered being the go to person for your clients when it comes to navigating the internet waters for useful information?  If you aren't you are missing an opportunity to become even more valuable in your client's eyes.
  Think about it.  How much time out of your day do you spend learning about new technology and communication tools that allows you to market, streamline and run your business more effectively.  How much money do you invest in a coach or consultant to turn … (20 comments)

social networking: The Key to Profitability: 5 Steps to Grow Your Community - 02/17/09 04:05 AM
1.  Choose a Hub- Your marketing efforts should be directing past clients, new prospects and current customers to a Hub.  Normally this will be your website and that is why I advise real estate professionals to have a blog integrated into their website.  A hub is your main marketplace where people can get additional information, purchase products or services, and keep in touch with you.
  Do some housekeeping and make sure your hub is warm and inviting.       2.  Invite your current SOI to your Hub- This is often overlooked.  If you are keeping in touch with your SOI … (18 comments)

social networking: Working the LongTail or Chasing Pavements? Be Your Own Judge - 02/11/09 04:13 AM
Has the longtail got you down? 
It's discouraging to many out there. 
I have been listening.
I am aware.
It's Not Cheap
It Can Be Downright Difficult if you choose to make it so
Place a Value on Your Time
It should't be Free
Set a Schedule that's Flexible
Remember It's A Journey
You Never Have it Exactly Right
And It's Never Done
Your Platforms Might Change In Another 3 mos, 6 mos. 1 Year
Don't get Hamstrung
Social can be Easy
Relationships Take Some Work
You can Research On Your Own
Or Hire a Worthy … (6 comments)

social networking: The Misconception of Social Networking: Magic, Miracles, or Just Plain Movin' and Shakin'? - 01/13/09 09:20 AM
Social networking
For me
Isn't about miracles
It's about movin' and shakin'
My work that's inspired by passion.
Life's Balance
Electrical Connections
And good old conversations
Have a listen

I'm off to cook some dinner. I'm off to cook some dinner...I'll be back in a few   Social Networking....what's your view?

Successful Businesses Have A Brand. Learn how to Create, Develop and Manage your brand in a 5 week webinar series, Branding Sanity, starting February 23, 2009, brought to you from a partnership between Malfi Marketing Solutions and Real Skillz.Branding Sanity is an interactive webinar with a classroom casual style … (9 comments)

social networking: The Internet Debunked: A short story featuring Michael Levinson - 11/12/08 01:37 PM
Everyone keeps shoving that statistic in front of you,
"80% of buyers begin their home search process online"
Internet 1.0 real estate agents and brokers say, "Well I just don't know about the internet, yeah, I have a website, but they are all a bunch of looky loos".  New Web 2.0 agents and brokers say, "I don't have that kind of time for no guaranteed reward."
I hear you.  I do.  Where are the more immediate clients?  You've got other work to do, showings to schedule, pavement to pound, houses to sell, clients to find, money to make.  You don't have … (17 comments)

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