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When I started in real estate in 1988 it was illegal to have a numeric score associated with your credit report. We learned to get a general impression of the company, their leadership and their spending habits by reviewing their trade lines. How they used credit and the consistency of their re-p...
This morning I was reviewing a NNN leased investment in Memphis Tennessee. My folks are considering trading their apartment building for this type of investment because they still get monthly rental income but they don't get all the maintenance and personality issues that they do with apartments....
My friends daughter was sitting on the sofa, bored. Her boyfriend was at school and there was no one to play Wii with her. Please! she bleated with a big sad-eyed look. The other day they were all playing a baseball game and it had seemed like fun so, I gave in and sat down.   "What are we playin...
I've been doing propeerty management for 20 something years. I first started out with my own properties and slowly added a client here and there - mostly by referral. My degrees are in finance and I can crunch a number with the best of them but I don't think that's the skill that's needed when ma...
I am a real estate broker. I don't work for the government or google or the teacher's union. I won't be getting a pension check or a gold watch after 30 years of service. I was on track to leverage my investments into a nice $6K/mo income by the time I was 50, when the real estate market dumped. ...


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