cash flow investor: 1136 N San Carlos St, Porterville, CA - 03/03/11 10:52 AM

cash flow investor: 428 S I St, Exeter, CA - 03/03/11 10:41 AM

cash flow investor: The 5 Cs of Credit - 11/27/10 09:38 AM
When I started in real estate in 1988 it was illegal to have a numeric score associated with your credit report. We learned to get a general impression of the company, their leadership and their spending habits by reviewing their trade lines. How they used credit and the consistency of their re-payment. From this we generated a hypothesis of the risk associated with the borrower and made a credit decision.
Since then it has become uncommon to even know what a tradeline is. Today the client is just a number and no amount of cajoling can change that - especially since … (4 comments)

cash flow investor: San Jose Investor Deals - Can you say "cash flow"? - 11/15/10 08:37 AM
I am a real estate broker. I don't work for the government or google or the teacher's union. I won't be getting a pension check or a gold watch after 30 years of service.
I was on track to leverage my investments into a nice $6K/mo income by the time I was 50, when the real estate market dumped. It's since been 3 years of crappy income but my investments have held on pretty strong. (I had to drop some of the rents when market rents dropped but I got into the properties smart and the lowered rents still cover the … (2 comments)

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