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  I came across this interesting add-in for Outlook that could help most of us manage our inbox a little better. Boomerang helps you manage messages that you can't deal with today, but that need attention or a response later. Basically it adds an email snooze button to Microsoft Outlook. Now you ...
Internet marketing isn't just about keeping in touch with your sphere of influence, it's about building trust, a good reputation and relationships. Ron Givens from, discusses just that in his blog post on Email Marketing for Real Estate Agents. Real Estate is a word-of-mouth business, ...
A great post yesterday by LeoLinda Bowers brought up the subject of protecting your online images, virtual tours and videos from unauthorized use on other sites.  One solution is Visual Watermark, an inexpensive and easy to use photo watermarking software for digital photo protection. This photo ...
Freelance sites are everywhere and for pretty much any industry. So why not construction. Wouldn't it be nice to just post what your looking to get done and then sit back and let the bids come in?  I came across a new website that does just that! Bid My Reno is a new website in which home and bus...
  It’s quite simple: a PowerPoint presentation should have ten slides, last no more than twenty minutes, and contain no font smaller than thirty points. Guy Kawasaki, bestselling author, professional speaker and Entrepreneur, shares his presentation secrets.  While Guy Kawasaki is also in the ven...
  Today I came across this great and very timely post on Agent Genius by Realtor Anna Altic. She posed the question, Is there such a thing as "over greening"? What I found most telling was the difference between what the builders thought qualified a home as green and what the consumers thought. W...
Good blogging means turning a steady flow of useful ideas into interesting content. Building a readership can take time and many busy sales people worry they are missing out on the opportunities. There is an alternative to a blog! It’s called LinkedIn Answers, and it may just be the answer you ne...
Is your Facebook profile out of control? Is your News Feed as crazy and overstuffed as your email Inbox? Before you start deleting friends or giving up on Facebook altogether, take a look at this article from on how you can take back your Facebook Wall and streamline your social netw...

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