lead generation: Those are not real leads - 04/29/13 10:34 PM
There are miliion and one lead generation services out there and the vast majority give you something other than a real lead. It might be a warm body. It might have a phone number and an email address, but it's not a real lead.
A real lead is someone who comes to you or your website and is considering working with YOU. A real lead is not someone searching on some random MLS search, and frankly, a real lead is not even someone who is searching on your agency's website.
A real lead, one that you have a very … (3 comments)

lead generation: "What's in it for me?" - 04/21/13 11:01 PM
"What's in it for me?" That's the question on every prospect's mind (regardless of industry) when they are exposed to a business' message and so it's a crucial consideration for our own marketing.
If we approach our marketing in a way that not only answers that question - and answers it quickly in this time-starved age we live in - but also provides tangible proof, we stand a better chance of turning that prospect into a client.
When planning a marketing campaign, it's a good idea to step back and ask yourself what you want to present, how you … (4 comments)

lead generation: Question for Top Producers...if you're willing - 04/16/13 10:05 PM
This question was inspired by Barbara Todaro's blog last week about agent's needing to spend money to make money...
Barbara estimates she spends about 30% of her annual income on marketing her business to keep the phone ringing.
That got me wondering:
What do other top producers spend/reinvest, on average, to market themselves and their business?
I thought it would be really enlightening for all of us to hear (and learn from) what others do...will you share your experience?
And if you are willing to share, what have you found works best? Direct mail? Lead gen services? Social media?
Thanks in … (15 comments)

lead generation: I'm gonna ruffle some feathers... - 04/15/13 05:05 AM
I know as I write this that I am going to ruffle some feathers today, but I think it's worth it if it will get some people to look at their websites for what they are, and what they should be...because, right now, the VAST majority of agents websites aren't what they should be.
What's a website for, anyway?
Before you read on, please answer that question in your mind...
Got your answer? Great?
Was your answer something like: growing/building my business? I hope so!
But now, ask yourself....does my website truly work 24/7/365 to grow/build my … (4 comments)

lead generation: What if...it was all easier? - 04/10/13 12:21 AM
Have you ever stood back and looked at your business and tried to figure out ways to make it better but also make it easier. In this day and age, it has never been easier to make things easier by usng technology to simplify, systematize and automate aspects of your business so you could focus on making more money! (Or, heaven forbid, focus on having some of the free time youhoped for when you got into real estate!)
For example, wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to spend so much time educating your clients about the ins and … (5 comments)

lead generation: The simple way to get leads from your site - 04/05/13 03:36 AM
When you set up systems on and from your site to do your work for you, everything changes....

To learn how to have a system like this done for you in less than 24 hours, visit www.leadbeach.com

lead generation: Work less and make more - 04/04/13 04:38 AM
It's all about systems...they need not be complicated, but it's best when they are automated...


lead generation: Be honest about your website... - 03/29/13 03:26 AM
Take an honest look at your website....and try to look at it from your prospects' point of view...
When evaluatiing the value and effectiveness of your website, ask yourself these questions:
1. What do my prospects really want?
2. What makes me stand out (and does it show on my website)?
3. Why would they choose me after visiting my site?
Here are some things to consider as you answer those questions...
~ Prospects want HELP with their upcoming transaction. They not only want to buy or sell a house, they want to do it with as little stress as possible, … (0 comments)

lead generation: How to catch more of the people coming into the market - 03/25/13 05:34 AM
There is a REALLY easy way to DRAMATICALLY increase your chances of getting more prospects and then turning them into clients...and the best part is, once you do it once, you can do it over and over and over again with absolutely no extra effort!
The best way to generate more leads is to have an OBVIOUS and COMPELLING call to action on your website...one that few (no?) buyer or seller will refuse!
Why should you do this:
NO ONE ELSE IS!!! Okay, maybe I exaggerate to clarify, but the reality is, the VAST majority of real estate agents have websites … (6 comments)

lead generation: The well-prepped ones sell first - 03/20/13 04:35 AM
What if you were able to fully educate your prospects on EVERYTHING they need to do to sell their house quickly and for the highest possible price...but you didn't have to do the work of educating them (but you still get all the credit!)?
Check out some of what they'd get...

lead generation: How to get the business success you desire - 03/07/13 02:15 AM
Real Estate Schools teach you how to pass the licensing exam. '
Agencies teach you how to...um, well, some teach more than others...
But who teaches business design? And how do you build, much less have, a successful business if you don't have any idea what it is you're after?
The Real Estate Business Blueprint helps you achieve business success through business design...as Rich Shefren says, you read a book from beginning to end, but you build a (successful) business from the end to the begining.
Download your FREE copy today and see the difference having a blueprint can make.
Feel … (0 comments)

lead generation: How to give your website visitors what they really want. - 02/28/13 03:20 AM
When it comes right down to it, there are some truths about buyers, sellers and websites....
1. The whole point of a website is to generate leads.
and, at the end of the day...
2. Buyers don't just want you to help them find a home, they want to know how to buy their dream home.
3. Sellers don't just want you to help them sell their home, they want to know how to sell it faster and for more money.
So....what's my point?
Every agent's website (for the most part) can help Buyers find a home and Sellers find an … (0 comments)

lead generation: Your most precious piece of business real estate - 02/26/13 10:55 PM
Have you ever though about the most precious piece of real estate you have at your disposal? I mean when it comes to your business and your marketing.
It's the "above-the-fold" part of your website. The top of your site. What people see when they first arrive on your page.
It is your first and mostly only (since 80% of website visitors never scroll below the fold) chance to catch the eye of your propsect and get them to want to make contact with you.
So...what are you doing with that precious piece of real estate?
Does everything above the … (2 comments)

lead generation: 3 steps to reactivating old leads - 02/26/13 01:53 AM
It really can be easy to do, if you do it with your hand down, rather than your hand out. To find out what I mean by that, check out the (free) report I wrote on it...
Lead Beach Lead Reactivation Report
Let me know what you think!

lead generation: Are you fully leveraging your website? - 02/25/13 09:40 PM
Perhaps the best question to ask is:
What is your end goal with your website? What do you want it to ultimately accomplish?
My guess is that few people really think about it, they just put a website up because, well, that's what one should do when they are in business. So, up goes a great website. It's nice looking, it has great pics of your area, it's got your bio, etc.
But...what does it do? You try to get people to visit it, using SEO and your blog and other methods, etc. But...then what happens?
The general goal of a … (2 comments)

lead generation: They're in it for themselves...are you ready? - 02/25/13 03:48 AM
Website visitors - our prospects - are really in it for themselves. The old "What's in it for me?" question is so relevant when it comes to website visitors and one has to be ready!
When you visit most business websites, agent sites included, what you really see is stuff about the agent. I'll be blunt: visitors don't really care about our history, our team, our credentials.
They just want to know how you can help them. And they don't want to be TOLD what you can do, they want to experience it. They want you to demonstrate it.
Does your … (0 comments)

lead generation: Is it business strategy or is it...art? - 02/20/13 01:43 AM
If you take an honest look at your website....or to make it easier, a look at a colleagues website...what do you see?
A good business strategy? Or....Art?
By "art" I mean "pretty".
I think it is fair to say that the vast majority of real estate websites are art, not good business strategy at work.
What is the point of a website if not to convert your site visitors in to leads and, ultimately, clients?
People do not choose an agent for their pretty website. 
They don't choose an agent because they offer a home search tool on … (4 comments)

lead generation: Is it marketing or selling? What's the difference anyway? - 02/18/13 02:59 AM
It seems pretty pervasive throughout the entrepreneurial world...we don't really understand the difference between marketing and selling. I know I didn't!
That is until I read the "definition" of marketing by Peter Drucker, one of the brightest business minds of the 20th century. He said...
"Marketing makes selling superfluous."
What he means is that marketing is bringing the market to desire your product or service...and that doesn't mean declaring WHY they should want your product or service, rather, it means demonstrating WHY?
If you've read any of my posts before, you know that I am firm believer in marketing with your … (0 comments)

lead generation: Can you reactivate leads this way? - 02/17/13 03:01 AM
How do you reactivate old leads? (You do try, right? :-) )
It can be hard. It can be easy. It can work and it can fail.
I am so passionate about the HOW of reactivating leads, how to do it the "right" way, the way that is going to get a response from your lead. The way that's going to make you the trusted expert they want to work with.
I've written a free action guide, (and I've actually done 99% of the work for you!) and I wanted to share it with you in hopes that it will help … (5 comments)

lead generation: I don't mean to offend, but... - 01/18/13 12:38 AM
I really don't want to offend you, but I've got to be honest so I'll go ahead and say it:
Every real estate website pretty much looks the same.
Every real estate website offers pretty much the same thing
98% of them are fairly useless when it comes to generating new business.
What do I mean?
Well, just look at them...look at your own, look at your colleagues, look at your competition....
They DO all look the same: pretty pictures, credentials, "Why I'm better/different" "I'll work hard(er) for you", MLS search, listings, etc
They do all offer the same thing: … (2 comments)

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