lead reactivation: 3 steps to reactivating old leads - 02/26/13 01:53 AM
It really can be easy to do, if you do it with your hand down, rather than your hand out. To find out what I mean by that, check out the (free) report I wrote on it...
Lead Beach Lead Reactivation Report
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lead reactivation: Can you reactivate leads this way? - 02/17/13 03:01 AM
How do you reactivate old leads? (You do try, right? :-) )
It can be hard. It can be easy. It can work and it can fail.
I am so passionate about the HOW of reactivating leads, how to do it the "right" way, the way that is going to get a response from your lead. The way that's going to make you the trusted expert they want to work with.
I've written a free action guide, (and I've actually done 99% of the work for you!) and I wanted to share it with you in hopes that it will help … (5 comments)

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