It really can be easy to do, if you do it with your hand down, rather than your hand out. To find out what I mean by that, check out the (free) report I wrote on it... Lead Beach Lead Reactivation Report Let me know what you think!  
Perhaps the best question to ask is: What is your end goal with your website? What do you want it to ultimately accomplish? My guess is that few people really think about it, they just put a website up because, well, that's what one should do when they are in business. So, up goes a great website...
Website visitors - our prospects - are really in it for themselves. The old "What's in it for me?" question is so relevant when it comes to website visitors and one has to be ready! When you visit most business websites, agent sites included, what you really see is stuff about the agent. I'll be ...
  If you take an honest look at your website....or to make it easier, a look at a colleagues website...what do you see? A good business strategy? Or....Art? By "art" I mean "pretty". I think it is fair to say that the vast majority of real estate websites are art, not good business strategy at wo...
It seems pretty pervasive throughout the entrepreneurial world...we don't really understand the difference between marketing and selling. I know I didn't! That is until I read the "definition" of marketing by Peter Drucker, one of the brightest business minds of the 20th century. He said... "Mark...
How do you reactivate old leads? (You do try, right? :-) ) It can be hard. It can be easy. It can work and it can fail. I am so passionate about the HOW of reactivating leads, how to do it the "right" way, the way that is going to get a response from your lead. The way that's going to make you th...
I really don't want to offend you, but I've got to be honest so I'll go ahead and say it: Every real estate website pretty much looks the same. Every real estate website offers pretty much the same thing AND 98% of them are fairly useless when it comes to generating new business. What do I mean? ...
The absolute best way to attract and capture leads is to start the relationship by helping your propsects, no strings attached. Imagine prospects reaching your website and finding a free report or audio or video that gives them truly valuable information about the real estate transaction they are...
Do we really deserve to be successful? We work hard. We set goals. We network, network, network. We (do whatever it takes to) get leads. We work nights and weekends. We have a website. We have a blog. We post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. We're good at what we do. Did I mention we work har...
For anyone else out there who is trying to learn the ropes on their Facebook Fanpage...this blog post from Reuben is awesome! The fact that they made a video for it made it that much easier to follow!Amazingly enough, with the amount of people (900,000,000+) users of facebook - there are still ma...

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