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I conducted some research on the web and thought I would share ten of my favorite quotes about the real estate business. Which one is your favorite? Or do you have another quote you would like to share? 1. "Owning a home is a keystone of wealth...both financial affluence and emotional security." ...
I'm not sure how folks on Active Rain feel about Home Valuation Widgets, but I thought I would pass on some statistics you might find interesting.A Home Valuation  Widget or AVM (Automated Valuation Model) is the property estimation feature on that website that rhymes with "willow" that literally...
I read a few articles recently on" mental triggers" and how they can prompt people to take action.There's one interesting concept called: "The Fear of Losing Out."It's sort of like "loss aversion" in reverse.Loss aversion, as you might know, is the human tendency to hang on to what you have and a...
One thing is for certain, there sure seems to be lots of uncertainty about the housing market (and the economy in general) for 2019.I always like to look at the real estate forecast from the economists at the Mortgage Bankers Association.After all, these are the folks who pay for all those home s...
This holiday season I thought it would be interesting to see how many Holiday songs contained the word "home."Here are three of the most popular:"I'll Be Home For Christmas," written by Kim Gannon in 1943 and sung by Bing Crosby. The song is meant as a tribute to American troops who were fighting...
I recently attended a conference held by Google and the speakers there were very hot on one subject.That subject was Mobile.Not just mobile.But Fast mobile.Because here's the reality of what statistics are showing.According to Bright Edge research, nearly 60% of online traffic now takes place on ...
More and more research is coming out that talks about the increased dollar value of homes according to amenities that are located nearby.Experts said several studies support the notion that living near a park, for example, increases homes by 8% to 20%.Here are some statistics from the University ...
What are some of the best ways to approach expired listings?I know this is a sensitive subject.Here's a situation where you probably have a homeowner who is frustrated. Not a happy camper.But the reality is there is a person out there who wants to sell their property.I'm not an expert on this sub...
Are you satisfied with your listing photos?Well, maybe you should be thrilled instead.Because here are some cold facts that were uncovered in a recent study of visitors to real estate websites.The research was conducted by Professor Michael Seiler at Old Dominion University.The study has the requ...
In this day and age where there is never enough time, have you considered using a real estate market automation program to keep in touch with your prospects? The technology is available today. And because these systems are software-based, the price is amazingly low.It's a game changer for brokers...

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