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Here are a couple of moose-see holiday pictures I took during a recent visit to Toronto.     Happy Moose Monday and Happy Holidays!   :)   Here are some other moose holiday season (older) posts of mine.  Enjoy!   Festival of Lights - The History of Hanukkah Name That Photo! Christmas Edition Merr...
OK... this is a French title and represents a French proverb and the word moose is pronounced the same but should be actually "mousse" in French.  In English, it is "a rolling stone gathers no moss". In other words, one that moves often and has lots of changes in situation, does not accumulate mu...
Just wanted to wish all my ActiveRain buddies a very happy summer and one that is sizzling with success! Summer is a good time for moosely refreshing ideas!  :)   Want to see more photos? Check out my other photos by visiting my Photo Blog Book .     Note: This is not a photo I took myself. A fr...
No matter what, no matter where, I apply the 3 L's: Live, Love, Laugh.  It is amazing to be happy and to also make an impact on other people's lives by sticking to these 3 L's. It is that simp-L-e!  :) If you visited this post, feel free to spread the 3 L's. Gerry Khatchikian
This is the first Monday and the first Moose Monday post of the year 2012. My 2012 if off to a great start (it promises to be a moosely wonderful year) and I hope yours is too. Happy New Year to all those who come across this Moose Monday post.  :)  Want to see more photos? Check out my other pho...
Bon mercredi de Montréal, Québec!  Happy Wednesday from Montreal, Quebec! Last Wednesday, I was astonished to see the following scene in Montreal and in the backyard!   For those that regularly visited my blog during my days in Montana, I have created a group called Moose Monday on ActiveRain whe...
 ... even on the wall, in a locker room at the gym at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM)!  :)   I snapped the above photo when no one was around to not raise any suspicion on my motives. I mean, who would expect someone interested to take a photo of an ad from two Quebec government agencies r...
Moose Monday - Moose See!  Moose at Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park    Do you see the moose in the photo?  Then it must be Moose Monday!  :-) Yes, it took me over two months to get another post here on ActiveRain (and I am content to make sure I get one post in every other month to keep t...
 A couple of weeks ago I visited Ottawa, the capital of Canada and little and behold I found moose. It is not the real kind which I was lucky enough to photograph in Montana but I was very surprised to run across them...  ... at the entrance of the Canadian Museum of Nature.     Here is a closer ...
  Stay tuned in the next Moose Monday post for an unusual Moose appearance in Ottawa!   :-)   If you had not heard of Moose Monday before it is an unusual but moosely fun group in AR with over 140 posts with photos of a variety moose taken in the United States and Canada.  Check it out and feel f...

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