referrals: Tips to Creating Enduring Leadership Practices - 09/06/18 09:51 AM
                                  “Kickbutt leadership is when mindfulness meets vision, opportunity and engagement.”
Having strong leadership skills can make all the difference when growing and cultivating your team. During our latest webinar, Author, coach and speaker Coni Meyers joined our VP of Marketing Lisa Fettner to share how agents can become more resilient, identify new ways to collaborate, improve problem solving, decision-making and managing stress.
Whether you’re a new or experienced agent, these … (3 comments)

referrals: Ten Tips for Networking Your Way to More Referrals - 08/28/18 09:12 AM

We’re in the throes of prime networking season. Summer parties and industry events all provide real estate agents with opportunities to make connections and generate more business. Just like anything else, networking is a skill — one that many of us are uncomfortable practicing.
Below are 10 tips to help you network and garner more referral business like a pro.
1. Have a plan. Whether it’s committing to make three new connections or to meet one specific person, it’s important to decide what you want to get out of each event you attend. If you can get a list of attendees in advance, … (3 comments)

referrals: How to Find Success in Your Sphere - 06/07/18 11:13 AM

As a top performing agent, you don't need to be convinced that relationships are your most important asset. Yet, creating a day-to-day strategy to develop and maintain those relationships can be a real challenge.
Zvi Band, CEO/founder of the intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Contactually, recently joined us for a webinar to share the key steps of the CAPITAL strategy for relationship building, unique ways to add value and gain intelligence, and how to effectively leverage a database as your launchpad for growing and nurturing your sphere of influence.
Relationships still rule, but much has changed. Relationships in real estate have always … (7 comments)

referrals: 5 Steps to Create a Referral Business You Love - 05/03/18 02:31 PM

“Without a strategy, you’re just throwing something against a wall and hoping that it sticks.” –Katie Lance
Real estate is filled with lead and referral opportunities but finding the right ones that work for your business can be challenging. Social media expert Katie Lance and our VP of Marketing Lisa Fettner recently hosted a webinar to discuss how to track your lead gen, focus your referral efforts and create content that attracts the clients you want to work with.
Follow these simple steps to identify referral sources that will help you create and sutain a business you love.
Track and manage your lead generation. … (1 comments)

referrals: How Referrals Can Take Your Business to the Next Level - 04/18/18 11:13 AM

“A lead is simply an inquiry on a property. A referral is a lead that’s been qualified: The person giving the referral has taken time to ask specific questions that qualify that lead.” — agent quoted in the 2018 Agent-to-Agent Economy study by ReferralExchange
For newer agents entering the industry, leads are an important part of how they grow their business. However, for more established agents, referrals represent a real opportunity not just in business coming in but in creating a network where they can refer clients out. Many clients may need an agent outside their main agent’s geographic area or service … (1 comments)

referrals: Wondering Where We're Headed Next? - 02/15/18 12:37 PM

We really enjoy traveling to different industry events across the country. It gives us a chance to meet new people, see old friends and connect with the amazing agents in our network – and 2018 is shaping up to be a great year.
If you’re attending any of these conferences, drop us a line at We’d love to connect!
February: RE/MAX R4 – Las Vegas, NV June: CAR Woman Up! – Pasadena, CA July: Inman Connect – San Francisco, CA August: Florida Assoc. Realtors – Orlando, FL August: RE/MAX Broker – Washington, D.C. October: NAGLREP – Palm Springs, CA October: California … (1 comments)

referrals: 5 Things to Do Before 2018 - 12/01/17 11:39 AM

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we’ve officially entered the chaotic weeks leading up to the holidays – oh, and the end of 2017.
As we reflect on what we’re thankful for (i.e., our talented team, hardworking agents, incredible partners) and continue planning for next year, we’ve put together a few things you can do in the coming weeks to make 2018 even better than 2017.
1. Acknowledge who helped make 2017 a great year. This sounds simple, but who made this past year memorable for you? Perhaps it was your team, clients, family, friends, vendors, or referral sources. Make a list of these … (3 comments)

referrals: 5 Ways Luxury Experts Generate Referral Business - 11/17/17 12:00 PM

During Luxury Connect, our VP of Marketing, Lisa Fettner had an opportunity to chat with a group of seasoned Luxury Agents about how they manage their referral business. The agents, all from different luxury markets such as Cabo, Aspen, Hawaii and SoCal, all agreed that staying in touch with their clients, fellow agents and communities were keys to their success in generating incremental business.
They shared the following five tips that all agents can apply to their daily work lives and activities to generate additional referral income:
1) Remember to ask for ALL of your clients’ business
• If they have multiple properties … (1 comments)

referrals: Referral Gold in 2018 - 10/26/17 10:37 AM

Our VP of Marketing, Lisa Fettner, recently returned from speaking at the Xplode Conferene in Oklahoma City where she shared tips and ideas for boosting your referral business in the New Year.
If 2018 is the year you want to increase your referral business and make the most of your network, keep reading — and take the Referral Challenge.
Think “any” and “every.” ANY contact, conversation, or connection can be a referral opportunity, so it’s important to always wear your name tag or branded apparel EVERYWHERE. When you are recognizable as a real estate agent during your daily routines, the possibilities of who … (0 comments)

referrals: Maximize Your Digital Marketing Landscape - 09/28/17 11:43 AM

Managing your digital landscape has become a necessity to succeed in the real estate industry today. Amy Chorew, technology trend expert, author, speaker, and VP of Learning at BHG Real Estate recently joined us to share how to focus your online presence and marketing efforts.
During the webinar, Amy shared how to track your digital presence, showcase yourself and your brand, and determine which channels and platforms are best for you.
The digital marketing landscape includes awareness (video, social, network display), consideration (targeted display, SEM, lead providers), action (retargeting, reputation, CRM) and retention (retargeting, email).
Step 1: Define your market by knowing your market. … (0 comments)

referrals: Five Keys To Turning Lead Gen 'Dates' Into Long-Term Relationships - 08/25/17 09:01 AM

Lead generation is a lot like online dating. It’s important for agents to create a virtual online relationship with their clients and prospects if their programs are going to be successful. There’s no “magic bullet,” but with focus and planning, online lead gen can definitely boost your business.
Below are five ways to make your lead gen efforts more successful.
1. Be trustworthy. Make sure your photo is current and that your information is consistent on all business-related sites.
You might prefer your photo from 10 years ago, but a prospective client MUST be able to recognize you at a coffee shop based … (0 comments)

referrals: 3 Budget-Friendly Ways to Boost Sales & Attract More Clients - 08/24/17 11:03 AM

You’ve been there before and you’ll be there again—whether you’re working through a rough patch or in the thick of your slowest season—you still need to drive sales and attract new clients.
If you need a budget-friendly way to drive more clients, we have three ideas to try. Whether you plan to partner with a home stager or put your Twitter skills to the test, you’ll be one step closer to closing your next deal.
Cross-Promote with Other Agents and Partners.
A simple but effective way to broaden your reach and attract more clients is collaborating with like-minded agents or companies that offer complementary … (1 comments)

referrals: Enhance Listings & WOW Clients with 3D Tech & Virtual Reality - 07/26/17 09:52 AM

3D technology and virtual reality can be powerful marketing tools when working with both buyers and sellers — but it's often expensive and complicated to use effectively.
Steve Bintz, Director of Sales at immoviewer — an app and tool that makes it easy for agents to take high-resolution pictures and 3D virtual tour of properties, recently joined us to share how to:
Use VR to create powerful listing and buyer appointments. Learn how to integrate VR into your everyday business. Find less expensive and easy-to-use solutions. 3D technology and virtual reality are not just a trend. According to NAR research, in 2016, … (3 comments)

referrals: How to Maximize Social Media to Build the Ultimate Referral Network - 06/29/17 08:55 AM

As many know, social media is not just a platform to keep up with distant relatives and high school friends, but a way to strategically promote your business and garner more referrals. Recently, social media expert, author and speaker Katie Lance of Katie Lance Consulting, and our VP of Marketing, Lisa Fettner shared how agents can maximize social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to build a powerful referral network.
During the webinar, Katie and Lisa shared tips and strategies agents and brokers can do with social media to establish a nationwide presence while still being the local expert. They … (0 comments)

referrals: Increase Your Persistence (PQ) to Create a Great Business and Life - 06/22/17 08:41 AM

“How to stop resisting and start persisting.”
Are you looking for better balance and resilience in your personal and business life? If you nodded your head, keep reading. Bernice Ross, CEO of and author of The PQ Factor, recently joined us to share how to stop procrastination, be more successful, live longer, increase your emotional resilience, and truly make your dreams a reality.
During the webinar, Bernice shared how to apply the seven steps of the PERSIST model to improve your business and your life, become more persistent by increasing your emotional resilience and "Walk in the solution" to get the best … (0 comments)

referrals: Three Steps to Writing a Great Description for Your Listing - 06/15/17 08:57 AM

You’ve collected up all your photographs, noted down all the relevant property information and now you just have to write the description and upload! Sometimes, it’s not always as easy as it sounds, is it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It can be challenging to write the perfect description that is both informative and engaging, and that sets your listing apart from the rest. To give you a hand with yours, we’re sharing how to write the perfect property description.
Step 1: Organize your notes and all relevant information. Try and get as much information and details as you can such as … (67 comments)

referrals: 5 Free Apps to Help Potential Clients - 06/07/17 11:28 AM
As an agent, you can make yourself more valuable by giving your clients tools that will help them during the buying or selling process. The following web and mobile apps allow clients to prepare for homeowner finances, learn about the cost value of energy efficient appliances, and much more. Be sure to send this list to any new clients you’re working with.
Value: Helps clients customize space to imagine it as theirs
It can be hard to imagine a home as yours when you hate the furniture, layout and general look and feel. Clients can use the Homestyler app as they look through … (3 comments)

referrals: Key Ingredients of a Great Partnership - 05/25/17 02:42 PM

Forging successful partnerships – whether it’s with a fellow real estate agent, vendor, or client can yield benefits for all parties involved beyond an initial sale or deal. Perhaps you want to expand your service area, launch your product or program to a ready-made market, or implement technology that you don’t have resources to develop, these are just a few of the many reasons to develop a partnership.
Below are five best practices to use when creating powerful and lasting partnerships. One of our most successful partnerships, with CRS (Council of Residential Specialists), has followed this path – and it’s been a … (0 comments)

referrals: What Every Agent Needs to Know About Down Payment Programs - 04/27/17 08:32 AM

The biggest obstacle to home ownership is often the down payment — both for first-time and some move-up buyers. With rising interest rates and home prices that continue to grow, saving enough money for a down payment has become even more difficult.
Sean Moss, SVP, Director or Operations and Customer Support at Down Payment Resource recently joined us to share information about down payment programs, which agents can use to turn their sidelined buyers into homeowners.
Sean encouraged everyone to contact their mortgage partners and local housing agencies to learn about programs available in their specific areas. Agents can then promote these programs … (1 comments)

referrals: Maximizing Your Lead Gen ROI: 5 Tips for Lead Management Success - 04/20/17 09:21 AM

Converting purchased leads can be challenging and frustrating. Prospects don’t return phone calls or emails — and it’s often difficult to stand out from the digital crowd. When managed effectively, however, online lead gen can be a lucrative supplement to your current business. Our VP of Marketing, Lisa Fettner, recently hosted a webinar alongside Kimberly Cameron of Better Homes & Gardens Preferred Properties and JLA Realty’s Ryan Bokros, to discuss tips to get you closer to the close.
During the webinar, Lisa, Kimberly, and Ryan shared five best practices for turning cold prospects into closed deals:
Help your leads get to know … (0 comments)