delaware: A little Delaware Gardening News - 10/18/08 01:20 AM
One of Delaware's best features is the variety of plants and flowers that can grow here.  We are really fortunate to have four distinct seasons without it really getting way too hot or way too cold.
Lately, homeowners have become more environmentally aware of their impact on nature.  They are starting to pay attention to the plants in their yards as well.  The native plants of Delaware are as varied and beautiful as anyone could want.  My all time favorite, honeysuckle grew along the country roads outside of Newark, Delaware where I was raised.  I will always remember bumping along in the big yellow school bus on … (2 comments)

delaware: The MOST Important me - 10/07/08 06:23 AM
Meeting with buyers and sellers is what real estate agents do.  Meetings at the settlement table is really important.  It is critical for the agent to maintain the professional and confidence that their clients want to see.
However, in a few days I will be in what I consider my most important meeting.  It will be with a bunch of 5 year old girls on their first night in Girl Scouts...and their parents. 
It all started several weeks ago when we went to a open house.  My little girl, Ruby, went off with the older scouts to the kitchen in the church hall while the troop … (4 comments)

delaware: Obama's Running Mate from Delaware? - 08/23/08 03:58 AM
My husband who reads newspapers and watches news sometimes until 2:00 am told me this morning that Obama has probably picked Delaware Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate for November's elections.  Biden is from Delaware and I am from Delaware so for a Delaware kind of thing, I am happy.
Biden has tried to get the Democratic nomination for President at least twice so this is probably a nice runner up kind of prize.
Personally, I vote for issues not for people and I still can't figure out who stands for what with all the flopping around but I … (5 comments)

delaware: So What's for Sale in this Neck of the Woods - 08/03/08 02:47 PM
I am headed out to Illinois soon for a wedding and we will be driving.  I live in Delaware so that is a 12 hour trip, sometimes less.  My husband and I are slightly insane but we like the drive AND it gives me a chance to pick up other towns' and states' real estate guides.
Everywhere we go, I am on the hunt to find the local guide and see what is going on in someone else's neck of the woods.  My husband, on the other hand, has a Wal-mart obsession and shopping in a Wal-mart in Western PA at … (2 comments)

delaware: Back on track...again...and again - 07/28/08 01:29 AM
I don't know why I do this to myself, I fall out of the exercising band wagon and stop watching what I eat and all of the sudden those pounds I managed to lose come creeping back.  But what is the worse is the lethargy. 
I recently started running again and believe me I am not grace in motion when I run but I really like it.  Of course, the first thing that comes back is increased energy, well that, and the blisters on my feet. 
Of course when I start running again,  the first thing I want to do is … (10 comments)

delaware: Beach Living - 07/17/08 12:15 PM
People have told me that I am lucky because I live at the beach.  "It must be a perpetual vacation!"  Well...yes and no.  Unfortunately, I don't like actual beach all that much - not crazy about sand.
There are things to do, of course, Rehoboth's pride and joy - Funland - it's an absolute delight.  I have a five year old who would like to go every night.  After tickets, parking, french fries and ice cream - it's more than I can spend.  But going in September right before they close we can run from ride to ride, it is wonderful.
Everyone seems … (4 comments)


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