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I want to clarify another common myth or misunderstanding about selling real estate through an online auction. Myth: Buyers will place a bid at an online auction without ever visiting the property. Truth: This is extremely unlikely. The success of an online auction depends on buyers having access...
Getting multiple offers on a property is a good thing, right? 2 offers is usually not a problem, but what about 3, 4, 5, 6 or more? On one level it's a good problem to have, but it sure can be a lot of work sorting out which one is best for your client. That's why I love the real estate online a...
Here are the reasons why online real estate auctions are going to be a major part of selling real estate in the coming years. The use of the Internet is only going to continue to grow. Most buyers already search for homes online, placing a bid is the next logical step. If you have kids, aren't th...
This is the year we will see exponential growth in the use of online auctions to sell real estate. The technology and user experience is getting better all the time and it's easier than ever for real estate agents to use them. On Thanksgiving weekend, REDC (Real Estate Disposition Corporation) so...

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