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In recent months I have seen a large number of property assemblages listed by agents from "the big names" in the business as well as some local players. As an investor I may look at this differently than the average person but obviously assemblages are meant for buyers like me and not homeowners....
I can mark my calendar. In fact, I can almost set my watch. Every time there is a big investor seminar or other function here in Atlanta I'm going to get the phone calls. Dozens of new investors wanting to use an FHA 203k loan to acquire an investment property.Let me cut straight to the point: In...
This madness must stop. Federally chartered banks, as you may or may not know, are just one of the entities not required to hold state licensing to make loans. Lenders and brokers are and they are held to high standards and constantly under the "threat" of losing their license ... or worse ... ev...
No - this isn't "directly" related to real estate but it is related and timely. If you've read my blogs you know I avoid postings like this. However, it's time to do something about this situation. I received this email today from a relative in Alaska who received it from somewhere else. If you a...
I'm still miffed over that comment in the September 11th cover article in Business Week entitled "Nightmare Mortgages" which said, "Banks tapped an army of unregulated mortgage brokers to do what needed to be done to keep the money flowing, even if it meant putting dangerous loans in the hands of...
Oh the interestingness of real estate investing. This morning I received the preliminary site report. Just a bit more than I anticipated - by about $30,000. I had estimated $20,000 in site work but the estimates came in closer to $50,000 so I did what any investor would do.Withdrew my offer of $6...
Who would have thought? The Business Week cover article sought to hurl stones at the mortgage lending and brokering industry and the innocent, intangeable Pay Option ARM. Innocent as in motorcycles don't speed, BMW's and Lexus' don't weave in and out of traffic or make illegal (no signal) turns, ...
In case you don't know this is my new diary called Rockin Hills. Yes, you get to follow me along through this oddessy called Real Estate Investing. I wouldn't dare log everything I've done or do in real estate investing but this oneshould teach us all a lesson. Hey, you watch it on TV for30 minut...
On Friday I made an offer on two residential lots in Marietta, Ga. Asking price was 34,500 each and I offered 60,000 for both contingent on builder inspection. Today the offer was accepted and I have 10 days for the inspection. Now it's very early on the morning of 9/11 and I have many things on ...
It's wonderful to be in the position to site around both campfires. I mean be in on meetings for both loan originators and real estate agents. There is a good deal of enlightenment from this opportunity. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the lack of realization that this is much more a ...

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