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I'm an investor. I teach investors. That makes me a little odd. In my QuickStart investment workshop I hold up a golf ball and I ask, "What do you see?"Everyone says, "A golf ball."I lead them with, "I see green grass and blue skies. I see fun with friends. I see sandbunkers and water hazards. I ...
And we wonder how we lender's underwriters get such a bad name... Dear LICENSED REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS,I love you.Signed,Ken  Dear UNLICENSED BIRD DOGS,You want respect? Earn it. Get a license and show me some E&O insurance. If we would all just take one minute and think about the extreme risk...
Having a discussion with my wife last night as we sat around the fire pit, man's strange endeavor to bring a little of the wild into the city, she posed the question, "Why do you think so many agents and loan officers change jobs all the time at other companies?"Great question! It probably has a ...
Evidently my post from yesterday disappeared between my hitting submit and the post being saved to the server and published - or was it because it contained some news quips on a rather fiery topic ... but that's okay because the CFA (Consumer Federation of America) Executive Director Steve Brobec...
There is a closing attorney with whom we regularly work. They are FANTASTIC at communication and follow up. From time to time at no regular interval I'll receive an email message from them which I'm certain is part of a blast but becaue of the interesting and information content I always read the...
Wait - before you start passing analyitcal judgment and consolations of hope overcoming feelings of inadequacy - let me tell you that I am, how should I say it, very convinced of my capabilities and proud of the evidence of my victories. Is that PC enough of an answer?Today was staff meeting day....
This may get offensive. If so I do not apologize :)I, like any other self-respecting business person, make more commission on a higher value deal that on a lesser value deal. So you would think that as a lender/broker I would want the highest loan amount I could possibly squeeze out of an applica...

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