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Let me begin by saying the majority of our owner-occupied lending is conforming purchase funding. We do some refinancing and some non-conforming but the majority of our business is builder, agent or investor referrals for new or previously owned acquisition. Let me also say that I know geography ...
Sometime in the beginning of 2007 I changed the title of my Active Rain blog to "New Day in Real Estate". The reason I did so is because the ripples of change were already being seen in the lending industry. I used the parallel last year in a blog of a giant wave of change beginning with an artic...
It is not polite to point. How many times did you hear that in your formative years? I heard it enough to stick in my head. But sometimes it is a technique that works.Our clientele ranges in scope from first time home buyers just barely out of high school to seasoned investors with multi-million ...
It happens every year - my signs and your signs disappear. Amazingly it happens just about the time "Yard Sale Season" starts up.Here in Georgia, with the exception of this cold weekend, Satrudays and Sundays have been clear and warm with temperatures in the 80's. That means YARD SALES. Don't get...
And I quote, "new reports signal that the real estate market may not be as bad as originally thought". Fox News, 4/4/2007Maybe that's because percentages are easily misunderstood and manipulated to sensationalize a situation but raw numbers speak for themselves. Here is a short example: The price...
Sure, it's a touchy subject. And, while we respect the training of some speakers and teachers we spend a great deal of time correcting incorrect training and we've seen many prospective investors taken advantage of by less than ethical gurus who charge thousands of dollars to attend seminars or p...
I read an article that said, "Nobody saw it coming."Whatever. I've been telling my clients and my associates for over a year that this cannot last. The numbers don't work. It's all smoke and mirrors. Excitement built on hype and funded with greed. Bad combination.However, I will say that the end ...
I know - I haven't posted in a couple of weeks .... we've been quite busy funding loans since our bottom of the barrel "competition" bailed out and left all you serious real estate professionals holding worthless mortgage approvals. But here is something I found interesting while browsing some on...

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