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Things I like from the President's speech today?If you've read my stuff you know I am all about education. So ... "The President Will Create A Presidential Council On Financial Literacy Composed Of Leading Private Sector Individuals Who Can Help Promote Financial Literacy. This Council will work ...
On your street. ONLY the street on which you live (not the entire subdivision and not the entire city) how many homes are currently IN foreclosure - as in have been advertised in the newspaper for sale and how many total houses are on your street? There are 62 houses on my street and 0 are in the...
"Mr Obama said the government needed to 'stop the unlicensed, unregulated, fly-by-night mortgage brokers who are hoodwinking low- income borrowers into loans they can’t afford'."Unlicensed???? Unregulated???? What PLANET is this guy from? Oh, he means the FEDERALLY CHARTERED BANKS! Those silly po...
Of course you won't hear that on the evening news. You won't read it in the big blogs. But by gosh we can publish it here! So if you've sold anything in the last 60 days please share it with us here. Now that I've put this out you better speak up or we'll look like a bunch of losers ;)R. Palermo ...
Once I found out we could link a video blog here (thanks to Bryant Tutas and his "I'm Gonna Sell A House Today") you all now get to hear my southern accent and see me pounding the podium about the condition of our great industry. If you have any complaints please contact my managing agent, Mike T...
People this is not a joke. The American media through a ceaseless tide of lies and deception perverted by a misuse of data has frightened the timid and created a stampede which could end in the wholesaling of America. Not only is China buying America but so are many other international investment...
Okay. Putting my money where my mouth is really isn't a change. You see I have always offered free training to home buyers and real estate investors and agents and brokers. I've had a few agents come (they don't like to come unless they get CE's so I never bothered to get my classes certified). M...
Everything you see is a result of the media. There was no mortgage crisis - it was created by the media. Sure it was fueled by bad management and spending such as 10,000 square feet of office space for $100,000 per month when 5000 square feet at $5000 per month would have done. MEDIA CHALLENGE AG...
Have you ever heard a sentence leave your mouth and seen a glassy film cover the eyes of the person you are speaking with? Over the years I have participated in many public speaking opportunities and there is nothing worse than being in front of a couple of hundred people and hitting your main po...
Cobb's Favorite Home Grown Lender Still Clicking Along Friday, August 17, 2007 Staff Report by Rene Bowden Marietta, GA - "These are the time that try men's souls" wrote Thomas Paine.  Could it be he visioned into the future the days we are now experiencing in the real estate industry? For so lon...

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