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I've been doing this since 1999 and it's pretty fun. It gives me the opportunity to celebrate New Years multiple times until about 4 AM when I can't do it anymore!Go to There you will be able to track New Years throughout the remaind...
It's true, I read it on the Internet how the FHA, HUD, Fed and even "the White House" drew up a master plan and conspired with the media and Wall Street to abruptly terminate the rapid growth in real estate because the stock market needed those investments so the capital could be put to work to p...
Since the beginning of the boom there have been many "one stop shops" to spring up across the nation. Not surprisingly many of these originated out of California, Florida and Texas where real estate investing was the largest. It is possible that this posting is moot with the sudden decrease in re...
... smells like ... victory.What is victory? Is victory when only one party wins and, if so, is that true victory or is that just domination? To achieve true victory is not to annihilate or dominate one's opponent through utter and mass devastation. To achieve true victory is to give the appearan...
This is a true saga of a very kind real estate agent who is purchasing a "nest egg" for she and her husband. It's a HUD foreclosure with a true and accurate equity of $60,000 with a very conservative appraisal in a neighborhood where there aren't many foreclosures. In other words this is a "no br...
Consider one of the best known and most often referred to little lizard called the chameleon. Most of us already know the chameleon from her most famous ability of changing colors and even patterns to match the environment. While as real estate agents our goal is to stand out the chameleon's goal...
We all know among the best reasons we blog are to share our experiences, our ideas, our viewpoints, and to lead others out of their darkness and into our light. Another truth, not so well known, is that blogging creates awareness and awareness can translate into business and real dollars. How man...
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my Active Rain family, friends and acquaintances. You are all a big part of my day and some of you (like my little sister Susan McClure who is NOT a blogger ;) but she is a fantastic writer ) are a part of my life.   In case you don't know we are licen...
Your ads seen by millions of people very explicitly say, "No one can do what Countrywide can do."  PROVE IT. Show me a deal that you can do that I cannot. Show me ONE DEAL you can do that no other lender can do. Until you can prove otherwise I'm calling your advertisement a LIE, or at least into ...
My wife will not like me today just for the title. She's a head underwriter, you see. But she's not the only one we deal with. There are others and we know their names. We even know their habits. But let's look at the oft maligned underwriter in just a snapshot from a normal day. (Honey if you re...

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