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Here we go again. Starting October 1, 2008 (that would be tomorrow if you are a timely subscriber) a major portion of HR3221 and other changes to FHA and other types of lender will go into effect. Now remember, FHA does not actually buy loans as do the GSEs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In fact we ...
It was June 18th and Europe was at war. The French army had marched through the region and wrecked havoc on many cities. The year was 1815. Under the leadership of Napolean they army marched against the "aggressor nations" as they were attempting to mobilize for an assault on Paris. In a town cal...
Last night we had a "not-a-birthday-party" party for my wife's birthday. We made home-made pizza right there with everyone at the party and it was a blast! I found out my favorite girl-buddy is going to be a mommy and then we all did fireworks, which Lane Bailey will tell you is a household favor...
Because I have so much respect for so many of you here I had a difficult time writing this - but it's a huge background noise among lenders and brokers. I mean it, seriously, I respect you guys very much and admire the majority of you more than you know. I guess you know I'm prefacing something n...
When some people say "creative finance" they mean "mortgage fraud". You do it and I catch you and you pay. When I say "creative finance" I mean getting financing by thinking outside of the box but within the law. To help you get focused let's first give some examples of mortgage fraud that some p...
It happens. And if you don't have a very firm grasp of the onion like layers of the loan process it is very difficult to understand why. Therefore to begin let's look at the steps in the process of a loan: 1. Loan Officer accepts an application from the borrower. In the case of a local broker the...
The majority of news "sounds" bad at first hearing, reading or seeing. There is alot of truth to the fact that there is bad news today - scary news. But take some joy because here are FOUR absolutely wonderful POSITIVES about today's economic situation: 1. Housing prices are lowered in the vast m...
I have respect for Dave Ramsey. His plan for everyone to be debt free is a good one. Although he and many of his disciples are like hard core vegetarians who believe their way is the only way and anything variant is highly foolish I do believe that the non-mega investor can live and should live d...
It happens. All too often if you ask me. A borrower believes they are doing the right thing by shopping around. They call one of the big guys who advertise on TV. They call a local bank. They call a local lender. There are generally 5 reasons why a loan officer stops answering calls and emails: 1...
If you are a sick individual, as I must be, you have all 3 C-SPAN cable channels going all day, Bloomberg on Satellite and your web browser pointed toward the WSJ. Just typing that makes me want to go wash my hands. Today's action word is illiquidity. It is not, by any means a new word, just that...

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