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Welcome to Earth. You may not get these calls and emails but I do. "Ken, I enjoyed your video about short sales on YouTube. I recently had the bank accept a short sale offer on my home for less than I owe and they are asking me to sign a $65,000 promissory note. Have you heard of this and do I ha...
Say it isn't so! H.R. 1728 (did not get passed in the Senate the last time) Let me explain this to you One More Time Brad Miller and Mel Watt. Side question: How does such an obviously beneficial to big banks and destructive to mortgage brokers legislation get introduced by Congressmen from a not...
Obviously I am asked this question often and it usually goes like this, "I saw your website and wanted to call and see if I/we may qualify for an FHA streamline refinance." Perfect! I can help. First, ask yourself these three questions: Do I have an FHA home loan right now? Am I currently employe...
In an effort not to beat a dead horse this will be short, sweet (?) and to the point. The head of the FHFA, James B. Lockhart, also the former Director of OFHEO, initiated the Home Valuation Code of Conduct to (paraphrased) "help curtail fraud between loan officers and appraisers". How will it hu...
Let's face it - people like to panic. While this strain of the flu is indeed a very dangerous one according to all reports it is also "just the flu". I have avoided the flu for the last several years by following a few simple rules: Avoid shaking hands. I know this is tough for us but it's one of...
Novation Mortgage is based in Marietta, Georgia where we have been greatly affected by one of the most serious droughts in modern Georgia history. All of our employees an associates live in the Atlanta metropolitan area and are also affected by this drought. As such we always need quick - at our ...
I see you there on Twitter. Your name is there, you have your profile completed with a little thumbnail of your cute little self there. You even have your phone number in your profile - good! But then I see you have 23 followers and you follow 8 people and you have updated 112 times. Updated mean...
Here are a couple of great reasons to visit Atlanta during April 2009. Be sure to allow plenty of time to contact a local real estate agent to view any of the thousands of available homes in Atlanta fine metropolitan suburbs including Marietta, Sandy Springs, John's Creek, Roswell, Woodstock, Acw...
This will save you a lot of time and disappointment: If your home is currently listed FOR SALE you cannot refinance using a conventional loan. The property will have to be unlisted at the time of the refinance. Some lenders require the property to have been unlisted for 3 to 6 months. If you do n...
They're gone. Big names in the industry - huge names. In fact if it wasn't for what will probably turn out to be some very shady and possibly illegal dealings one of the largest banks would not have saved one of the largest lenders from certain failure. How many hundreds of thousands of employees...

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