social media: Crushing It With Video Marketing - 02/24/16 03:14 AM
YouTube, WordPress, Periscope, SnapChat? What in the Wonderful World of Disney? Do I really, really need to be active in all these places too?
If a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes it can be, then a video must be worth millions. Well, the math doesn't exactly work out that way but multimedia with video is definitely one of the most powerful tools there is. Just about the only thing more powerful is to physically be standing with the prospect as they transform into a customer and then to a buyer.
If you do not know who Sunny Lenarduzzi is, because … (0 comments)

social media: Hey, We're Back! Social Media Edge Radio - 12/22/15 03:15 AM

What a long strange trip it has been! First of all thank you to the many friends and fans who have been with us since the beginning. Some of you even go all the way back to August of 2008 when I had no idea what I would do with the show but new I wanted to find and share great information. At that time I was handling all of the marketing for Novation Mortgage and watching the industry dwindle from a flooding ocean to a stagnant puddle. Since podcasting had been very successful for my companies all the way back … (2 comments)

social media: Danielle Smith - Social Media Engagement For Dummies - 02/24/13 03:14 AM
All of our listeners know when we have a guest they are among the elite of Social Media marketing. Names like Laura Fitton, Danny Browne, Erika Napoletano, Beth Kantner, Guy Kawasaki, Shel Israel, and Chris Brogan to name but a few. This Tuesday, February 26th at 9AM Pacific/Noon Eastern is absolutely no exception as we welcome Danielle Smith to the show.
Here's the coolest part - you can join our regular listeners and Active Rainers in the chat room live during the show which gives it an entirely new dimension! To go directly to the chat room just visit
I … (0 comments)

social media: Twitter for Dummies, Trust Agents, Now Revolution - dozens of experts - live - free - 04/23/11 07:47 AM

It has come to my attention that Social Media Edge has had only about 100,000 listeners because it is not widely understood what it is. When questioning a few people I trust who are not regularly listeners it was soon obvious they had no idea what the 3 year old podcast is about. 
When I stared naming some of the guests people were stumped at why they did not know and how they could have missed 3 years of some of the best social marketing training, for free, available in the world. In fact let me drop a few names: … (3 comments)

social media: If you "don't get Facebook" you need to start getting ... - 01/12/11 04:58 PM
"I don't get Facebook."
In 1995 I was sitting in a pub in Vinings, Georgia around 4 in the afternoon enjoying a shepherd's pie and a pint when a very well dressed Indian (middle eastern) walked in and sat down at the table behind me. We were the only two people there so I struck up a conversation with him.
He soon told me he had just started a cigar company. Since I owned and operated one of the only web development companies in town I struck up a conversation with him about "getting online". Online wasn't new to me as … (6 comments)

social media: Why you are wasting your time on Twitter - 12/29/10 05:44 AM
Never having been accused of being the quiet type it has been a lifetime challenge to keep my opinion to myself. Yet when I hear people say or read people's writing talking about the waste of time Twitter is it piques my interest. Listen, I'm the first to admit anchovy pizza isn't for everyone but if 25% of my prospective relationships like anchovy pizza it's worth a try. Learning how to talk about the anchovies, knowing what compliments their flavor, other intricate details about anchovies - that is my duty if I intend to serve.
So you're on Twitter and it's a waste … (9 comments)

social media: Social Blunders - avoid similar mistakes to protect your brand - 10/11/10 10:28 AM
Thanks to my good friend James Ball from for sharing a great presentation about some famous (and infamous) social media blunders. Some of these you will remember and even a few we have talked about on the weekly (Tuesdays at noon eastern) Social Media Edge radio show.

Social media Screw Ups - A History View more presentations from Social Media Influence. Get your free RELT.US shortened URL and matching QR code created and being developed specifically for the real estate industry. Just go to RELT.US  


social media: Points, Followers and Friends ... Why? (Measure of Success) - 10/11/10 09:23 AM
How do you measure online success? Is it the number of followers you have on Twitter? How about the number of friends you have on Facebook? Are you ranked number one in your area for points on Active Rain? 
Back in the 1980's I had a little Electronic Bulletin Board System (BBS) "page". It contained my name, phone number, business address and about a paragraph of what I did for a living. It took about 45 seconds do display on the visitors page and it looked something like this:

Back then I had no idea how many people even saw my … (4 comments)

social media: Limited social media = limited opportunity - 06/15/10 07:13 AM
Recently I had the opportunity to sit in with and co-moderate a panel of local business professionals who want to know how to be prepared for business tactics in the immediate future - at least over the next 5 years. It was amazing to me how many of them still reject or at least avoid social media as a viable venue for engaging the general public for their overall marketing strategy.
Since I am now 50+ I can tell you the world has changed dramatically in my lifetime. When I was a child most of my friends still were hoping for … (35 comments)

social media: The Buzz about Google Buzz - death of Twitter? - 02/13/10 04:56 AM
Now that we have had a few days to use Buzz on the "open market" it's starting to get more and more attention. Here are some things I have observed about using Google Buzz from my personal perspective.
Simple to join - I have a Gmail account so it was automatically on my Gmail page when I logged in. A little troubling - it had automatically followed the people I most email. Frankly I didn't want some of them added so I immediately "un-followed" them. Allows photos inline - unlike Twitter if you post a link to photos in your … (11 comments)

social media: Twitter 099 – VERY Basic Twitter - 09/04/09 05:39 PM
It never dawned on me there may be people who don't understand the very basics of Twitter. This would be the person to whom someone said, "Create a Twitter account", so they did. Chances are it was even an email with a link to with no further instructions. So, for those of you to whom this applies here are the ABC's of Twitter: 1. Go to 2. Click on the link that says "Sign up now" (or simply go to 3. Fill in the blanks: Real name, stage name, password. (Tips on creating a username: It will be … (9 comments)

social media: How to Hate Twitter (Yes, You!) - 09/02/09 12:39 PM
I hear it all the time, "Twitter is a waste of time." "I just don't get the big deal about Twitter." "I'm too busy." "I only focus on mortgages." (A little secret snark there for a friend.) Let's back up just a few steps so we all have the same perspective.
Twitter. If you have not heard of it welcome to earth. Twitter is, simply put, a very fast past, one sentence electronic bulletin board. Oddly enough about 25 years ago that was the only way I communicated over the Internet. Actually it was called FIDONET back then and I accessed … (45 comments)

social media: Google Static Maps - Anyone Can Do It - 09/01/09 05:58 PM
Rule one: Do not "borrow" one of Lenn Harley's maps.
Rule two: Use maps.
Dynamic maps, maps that zoom in, scroll and give the choices between satellite photo and map views among others are a little involved. Using static Google maps, however, is a cinch. In fact, you'll be able to do it yourself in less than 5 minutes.
Step 1 - get yourself a free Google API (Automatic Program Interface) which I will be talking about on Social Media Edge Radio on September 8 by the way. Simply go to
Read and agree to the terms and conditions and … (44 comments)

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