trust: Lies That Sell a.k.a. Trust is Not a Popularity Contest - 01/07/12 06:02 AM
The Setup
Industry insiders, to any industry, know when their "competitors" are lying in their advertisement. Sometimes it's just a matter of "how can they do that?" Other times you, as a competing professional know there is no possible way! For example Countrywide used to advertise "no one can do what Countrywide can do". I knew they *would* but also knew they should not. I remember a cW rep coming into my office, picking up a file that hadn't even been to processing much less underwriting and get a clear to close on it from his underwriter. Of course we went … (3 comments)

trust: Trust doesn't really mean anything. It's popularity that sells. - 11/30/11 01:26 AM
In fact the people "most trusted" are often the ones I least trust. Unfortunately in really tight communities those people have a greater amount of influence over a smaller amount of people. So think about it:
Does the person you trust for advice in a topic have any successful experience in that topic or is it just their job?
When someone instructs you to do something that could as easily be theory as method have they done anything to actually demonstrate the possible outcome or did they just sell a lot of books so you trust them?
Did the person earn … (0 comments)

trust: I want my MTV! - 02/08/10 03:59 AM
Move it, move it. Money for nothing and your kicks for free. Don't you want your MTV?
I want my MTV and I think you will, too. One of my foremost goals, because it is the way I feed my family and build relationships with others, is to be the FHA home loan lender others can trust.
Like most others I like acronyms. Some of my favorite are those which spell words, those which make no sense at all (BLOG for example) and those others which take popular words or names and reassign the value of the letters. Several months ago … (5 comments)

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