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Not one day goes by that I don't get a request for REO's.  Not that they weren't relatively "elusive" before as far as finding a legitimate tape but it seems that now they're even more difficult to find.  So are we going through a time now when investors are turning to Commercial Notes and banks ...
It's obvious that investing has changed. It's changed for buyers just as much as it has for anyone else in the industry.  Short sales are one of those dynamics that you either love or hate but you won't be getting away from any time soon.  Let's face it, getting a property to sell when it has an ...
387 properties nationwideClear titleIndependent BPOs price this at 20mBeing offered for 5m - 25% LTVFull tape availableBreakdown as follows:AL - 9AR - 3CA - 1CO - 3FL - 1IA - 1IL - 27IN - 29KS - 4KY - 6LA - 2MA - 2ME - 1MI - 105MN - 11MO - 31MS - 8NH - 1NJ - 1NY - 2OH - 80OK - 5PA - 8SC - 4TN - 2...
Just received two $10Billion California REO Tapes @ 42 cents on the dollar. - Direct to Asset Manager - Submit a POF and sign NCND - Cherry pick the ones you want. Need to move quickly! Will split 3% fee agreement with buyer's broker.
Performing / Non-Performing Note Package for Sale Seller Wants This Sold! Current 1st Trust Deed Balances $4,451,026.50 Asking $2,000,000 - Make Offer! Appraisals completed on March 2008. All loans are 1st Trust Deeds! Most Foreclosures are in process! Majority SFRs 20 States 99 Total Notes 79 O...
...builder closeouts.  We find a lot of people are checking out the wholesale market.  It's easy to get a contract on a property and then hand it on to another investor.  No money in and you're walking away often times with a month's salary.  But investors are getting picky today.  They want prop...
I had an associate ask what I might do differently if I were to start over again.  One of those things would be to line up private money early on.  However, early on, it's hard to get private money lenders to trust your skills especially if you don't have them quite yet.  Let's face it, you proba...
I was asked the other day how we structured our Reg-D funding(also called a PPM or Private Placement Memorandum).  It's a term you don't hear very often I admit.  But if you've got a sweet deal and you can prove it, it's a great way to secure a lot of capital.  In 2005 we were researching a deal ...

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