day trading: Real Estate Investment Trusts Hedge the Stock and Bond Markets in Denver, Colorado - 06/07/09 05:36 AM
REITbuyer online service for learning about REITs and how to invest in them is designed for new and seasoned investors
Denver, CO -Many investors looking at their investment portfolio today notice that it is filled with the normal stock and bond investments; they may have noticed that there has been a lot of damage to those investments in the past year or so. With the credit crunch and the market crash, most investments are half, or less, of what they should be.
This is the reason the site was designed.  The site is an educational resource for investors … (0 comments)

day trading: REIT Buyer to Discuss Real Estate Mutual Funds in Boise, Idaho - 06/07/09 05:35 AM
A Real Estate Mutual Fund is a collection of real estate companies, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and companies who service the real estate market, where an investor purchases shares which represent a portion of the total worth of the fund
oise, ID --  A group of real estate investors recently held a meeting where they invited Earl E. Bird, spokesperson for the REIT, a newly launched website for real estate investors to learn all about REITs and how to invest in them.  Earl explained REITs and how they are a great investment today.  Earl had the attention of … (0 comments)

day trading: Understanding REITs and Real Estate Mutual Funds in Chicago, IL - 06/07/09 05:34 AM
In the face of the current economic climate, many people believe that anything related to real estate, the stock market and investing in general is poisoned water
Chicago, IL -- While it is true that the stock market as well as real estate values are down, there is still hope for real estate investors to get a decent return.  Earl E Bird III, spokesperson for REIT an online service for people to invest in real estate, was recently interviewed.  He discussed the real estate market and how investing in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) is a good opportunity to … (0 comments)

day trading: REIT Buyer Website shows Richmond, VA Investors how to get a good Return Investing in Real Estate - 06/07/09 05:32 AM
Commonly asked questions about REITs and Real Estate Mutual Funds are answered during a recent interview
Phoenix, AZ - is a newly launched site for investors to get information about real estate investment trusts (REITs).  REITs were established by US Congress in the 1960s to allow individuals and families to be involved in large-scale investment opportunities.  "Access to these investment opportunities was limited to wealthy individuals and institutions before Congress became involved," said Earl E Bird, III, spokesperson for
The first question asked was "What are REITs?"  "Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are corporations that primarily own … (0 comments)

day trading: REIT Buyer Interview in New York City – REITs and Real Estate Mutual Funds - 06/07/09 05:30 AM
In the face of the current economic climate, many people believe that anything related to real estate, the stock market and investing in general is poisoned water
New York City, NY - REITs and Real Estate Mutual Funds are an alternative way of investing in real estate.  While it is true that the stock market and real estate investments have been through a hard time over the past year, there is a silver lining.
Earl E. Bird, III, spokesperson for REIT an online service for people to invest in real estate, was recently interviewed.  He discussed the real … (1 comments)

day trading: The Launch of REIT Buyer Site - Historical Event for Investors in St Louis, MO - 06/07/09 05:26 AM
What a day of celebration for the finance market and our country; Same Day as President Inaugural and MLK Birthday  
St. Louis, MO - Real Estate Stock investors in Seattle have discovered the new REITbuyer website.  There are many sites designed for stocks and bonds, but there are none designed for the REIT buyers. The new REIT buyer site is focused on educating investors on buying, and selling real estate stock.  Earl E. Bird, III, well known REIT expert, said "Having a première site on buying, selling and educating buyers on real estate investment trust has filled a huge void in … (0 comments)

day trading: How to Benefit from the Profits Earned by Multi-Family Apartments without the Headache of Managing - 06/07/09 05:25 AM
There's a lot of money to be made with large apartment complexes, but is it worth the liability exposure and the work it takes to manage?
Detroit, MI - Real estate investors who choose income-producing property realize that there is more potential for profit in multi-family buildings and apartment complexes than there is in single family residents.  On the other hand, there is a lot more work involved in managing these buildings.
A lot of real estate investors would never consider purchasing an entire apartment complex on their own.  Some might go into this venture with several other partners.  … (0 comments)

day trading: Consumer Tips for REITs Investing; Same as any Real Estate Investing; Location, Stability & Profits - 06/07/09 05:24 AM
Research is the key to wise investing choices; consider all the facts before making a purchase
Detroit, MI - Investing in REITs is becoming popular today; REITs are real estate investment trusts.  Investors purchase shares of REITs, which pay dividends based on profits earned from income-producing property. 
One advantage of investing in REITs is that are free from the hassles associated with property ownership and management.  One only needs to purchase shares and reap the rewards as their investment grows in value.
Earl E. Bird, III is an expert when it comes to investing in REITs.  He was … (0 comments)

day trading: We can help Care for our Environment by Supporting Eco-Friendly REITs - 06/07/09 05:22 AM
Introducing an investment strategy to help our environment by conserving energy and creating buildings with eco-friendly materials and methods of construction
Detroit, MI - A lot of people are concerned about the impact of real estate development on our planet.   Though investing in real estate has been profitable; many would like to invest in our environment and help to preserve the planet.  Earl E. Bird, III, REITs expert, was recently interviewed and this subject came up.  Earl said, "New construction will always be necessary and there are real estate management groups who specialize in eco-friendly and green construction."
Earl … (0 comments)

day trading: REITs Expert Speaks about 2 kinds of Real Estate Investment Trusts to have in your Portfolio - 06/07/09 05:21 AM
REITs are funds that you can purchase shares of to build, buy or manage real estate holdings
Detroit, MI - REITs expert, Earl E. Bird, III, recently spoke at a meeting for small business owners.  He shared the new online trading site,, where investors can research and invest in real estate mutual funds and REITs, real estate investment trusts.
"There are two kinds of REITs; property owning and mortgage," said Earl.  "The most popular REITs fit into the property owning category.  These REITs use their funds to purchase income-producing properties; the profit from the income is passed onto … (0 comments)

day trading: REIT Buyers Getting to Know Office and Industrial REITs - 06/02/09 03:56 AM
Ready to start putting your money into real estate investing? But do you really know where you want it to go? Many people who decide they want to invest in real estate think that's an easy decision to make, but there is more than just knowing the market you want to be in when investing. Do you want to choose stocks? Bonds? Other Wall Street offerings? Or would you prefer more broad selections like real estate mutual funds and real estate investment trusts (REITs).
Many people select REITs for a number of reasons. First, they are a more diverse investment … (0 comments)

day trading: Management Tips for Investors: Professional Management Investing in REITs - 06/02/09 03:38 AM
Are you ready to put some more money away for your future? Perhaps you are saving for your children's college fund or your retirement. You know you need to put a little away every month, but are not always sure where to put it. May I recommend real estate investment trusts (REITs) or real estate mutual funds?
Let's take a look at these two options to better understand why these are paths you may want to take with your investing dollars.
First, what are REITs and real estate mutual funds? Well, these are literally portfolios that take your money … (1 comments)

day trading: Stock Market Tips: Should You Add Real Estate Investment Trusts to Your Portfolio? - 06/02/09 03:07 AM
Have you been taking a look at your investment portfolio as of late and wondering if what you have in it is best or if you should consider adding other things to that portfolio? If you don't have any real estate investment trusts (REITs) in your portfolio, you may be missing out on a great money making possibility.
REITs are what they sound like, investment portfolio trusts that are comprised of real estate interests. This can mean any of a number of things. They could be interests in real estate physical properties such as homes, apartments, warehouses, and shopping centers. … (0 comments)

day trading: Real Estate Investment Trusts - Measuring the Results - 05/17/09 09:32 AM
When many people begin an investment portfolio, they purchase items that sound good at the time and just leave them there. The hops is that when they come back in 5, 10 or 20 years, the investment they began will be a great nest egg that they can use for retirement, college tuitions or that life trip they had been planning. But this I not a wise way to work with your investments.
If you were to take a little time to watch your investments and learn from what is happening to them, you may be able to key yourself … (0 comments)

day trading: Real Estate Investment Trusts - Networking for Success - 05/17/09 09:12 AM
When it comes to your investment portfolio, most people think this is something you do alone, on your own time and don't really talk to others about. This is not necessarily the wisest way to go about things.
If you think of the major investors who have made millions and made a name for themselves in the investment world, you may notice that they are not just people who put their money on the line, but also people who talk to anyone and everyone in their field, trying to get a pulse on what is coming and what may happen … (1 comments)

day trading: Financial Planning: Investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts - 05/17/09 09:08 AM
If you want to be a successful real estate investor in either the stock market, bonds or real estate investment trusts, you can't just go in and spend money willy-nilly right and left and just hope to make a profit. While there are some people who choose this method of investment and luck out, making money, for the most part, this type of investing is about as wise as tossing your hard earned money in the fireplace. Instead you need to have a plan before you begin investing.
Know Your Goal
It is vital to have a goal and … (0 comments)

day trading: Online Real Estate Stock: Investing Options – Property, REITs and Mutual Funds - 04/19/09 04:59 AM
Many people love the idea of investing in real estate but are not sure which way to go with their investments. When it comes to real estate you can go from one extreme to the other, having real estate holdings that are liquid like stocks, bonds and other stock market offerings to literal property purchases that are much more permanent.
The first way many people think of investing in real estate is to purchase a piece of land or a home that becomes an investment property.
While property values can fluctuate over the years, the truth is … (0 comments)

day trading: Online Traders Discover REITs: Real Estate Mutual Funds Investing – Conservative Investing - 04/19/09 04:31 AM
If you are considering jumping into the world of investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and the other offerings of the stock market you want to make sure to step into these waters wisely and not make major mistakes that will cost you dearly in the long run.
Start Small
The first thing you should keep in mind when entering into the world of investing is that you should start small. This is no different than getting into a new body of water or beginning a new exercise schedule. You want to warm up first or dip a toe … (0 comments)

day trading: is an Online Investment Broker Providing Educational Material, Tools and Research Including a Savings Calculator and Ticker Symbol Tutorial - 04/18/09 04:51 AM
Members can utilize a library of educational and research tools to assist them as they prepare to make the best investment decision for their financial situation
Detroit, MI - The new online broker, officially launched their website in February, 2009, to give real estate investors information for researching and investing in REITs.  They are proud to announce that the site is now beta tested and fully operational for investors to purchase REITs to add to their investment portfolio.
The site contains all the information an investor needs to learn about REITs.  The information is clear and easy to … (0 comments)

day trading: An Interview with a REIT Buyer Expert Explains the Benefits of Joining to Invest in Real Estate Stock - 04/17/09 10:22 AM
The provides a wealth of professional resources for members of their online investment community
Detroit, MI - REIT expert, Earl E. Bird, III was recently interviewed by a group of real estate investors who wanted to learn more about the online brokerage, the  The website was officially launched in February of 2009; it is now fully operational; beta testing is complete.
One investor said, "I've heard about online trading sites; what are the benefits of joining the"  Earl said, "The site is a great resource for all levels of real estate investors, from newbies to savvy.  … (0 comments)


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