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Our hotel room occupancy in December was approximately 9 per-cent lower than in December 06.  As of last week our occupancy was just over 60 per-cent.   This is not good.  Kauai increased their occupancy rate to 56.6%, just behind Oahu and Maui dropped 8.7% to come in just a little higher than Oa...
Mortgage rates trended upwards again at the largest banks in Hawaii.   After dropping below 5.75% last week, we saw rates offered at 5.875 percent and 1.5 -1.625 points on a thirty year fixed rate loan.   American Savings Bank and Central Pacific Home loans both offered a six percent rate with 1....
Home prices continue to drop in the good old USA for ten months now.  The latest drop of 6.7% was the largest drop since April of 1991.  This is discouraging consumer spending, and we might soon see it impacting our tourist industry here in Hawaii.   I guess this could impact our home sales which...
In the aggregate, the people of Hawaii had income of $34.6B in 2006.  Government is the biggest employer in Hawaii.  From us the government took enough revenue to pay $12B in wages, salaries and benefits to our bureaucrats.   WOW!  If we are going to shell out more than a third of our income to b...
While things are tough on the Mainland, Hawaii is doing a lot better.  We had only 113 foreclosures during November.   This represents an increase of 53% over november of 06, but by comparison, things are not so bad here.   This puts us 44th in the country for forclosures.   This said, the mainla...
Boy, the situation on the mainland gets worse and worse?   Ken Lewis, the CEO of Bank of America is worried that borrowers with strong credit scores might not be able to make their loan payments if the housing crisis worsens.   This would seem to portend tightening of the availability of funds fo...
If babies like you, you are probably a "good" guy?   Conversely, if they shy away from you or instinctively cry when they are around you, well, you might want to bone up on the golden rule.  A study done by Yale University that is published in "Nature" magazine reveals that six to ten month old b...
We have kind of an interesting development on Oahu concerning single family home sales.   Last month, single family sales fell more than 16 percent according to the Honolulu Board of Realtors.   With Prices holding firm, it appears as though we are going to run into increasing difficulty closing ...
We had a class on Short Sales last week and it really opened our eyes.   The Brokers who have been through a couple of buyer's markets before had already been down the short sale road, but our newer agents had their eyes opened to the considerable risks involved in a short sale.   To manage a sho...
Wow, this will be a real first for us in Hawaii.  The game today between the University of Hawaii Warriors and Washington was one from which not to walk away!   For the first quarter Hawaii couldn't seem to hang on to the ball but then they picked up their stride in the second quarter.  By the th...

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