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"Let's just put it on the market and see what happens?" - Not a Selling Strategy   Every real estate professional has heard this sophisticated marketing technique from a seller or two.There are many reasons why this technique doesn't work, and will probably fetch less than market value. For a ful...
Estimating property value per square foot seems to be a very common practice among consumers looking to sell homes in Orange County. Perhaps because it does make a certain amount of sense to those not in our industry, however there are too many flaws for this to be a reliable formula. For example...
Many potential buyers, especially those with children, are very conscious of the school districts in the cities which they are considering to move. School districts and even specific schools can greatly affect the desirability of neighborhoods and communities, for certain buyers. Three websites w...
It truly has become a seller's market, however all good things do come to an end. There is bound to be more inventory, especially within the next few months. It doesn't get much easier than it is now to get multiple offers on your home. Well said Jay. Let's throw it back. Remember playing musical...
Common comments I hear from sellers in the Orange County real estate market are: "I want to wait for prices to go up more before selling" or "I want to wait until the 'hot' season to sell".   First of all, prices are never guaranteed to go up more (even in the Orange County real estate market), a...
Mary, thanks for sharing such a great article and, of course thanks to all the original authors as well. As a real estate professional I often have to help clients visualize what their home can look like without having to spend thousands of dollars. For you buyers, the links below are great for g...
Have you ever wondered how every single real estate brokerage can claim they are #1? Simple answer: misleading statistics. If you want to be #1 at anything, call a statistician and you shall be #1. However, what is most surprising to me as a managing broker are the offices that use this as a main...
Sometimes I wonder why Agents ask me for certain documents which are not required by the contract, but I have just come to realize some people can't read! Is your pager number still on your business card? Perhaps you retrieve contact information through the yellow pages? Still dialing up to Prodi...

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