buying: Budgeting Basics for First-time Buyers - 11/06/09 03:36 AM
I had a little difficulty with today's topic. Then it occured to me that most buyers are more concerned with coming up with their down payment and closing costs, but forget that they have to live in the home afterwards. So here are some reminders of what you may need to budget for after you close on that dream home!
Buying your first home is a lot of fun but there is more to it than meets the eye when it comes to budgeting. Most new home owners are financially savvy enough to calculate the mortgage, interest, taxes, and insurance payments; … (3 comments)

buying: 4 Ways to Tell if You Can Add Value to a Home - 10/29/09 04:18 AM
Learn how to add value to any home with these quick tips: 
Deferred Maintenance: Small repairs and the general neglect of a home can make it appear less appealing than it really is. Don't be detracted by deferred maintenance; instead, perform an inspection to eliminate the risk of serious problems, then use the condition as a negotiation tool.
First Impressions: More than one home has suffered from a bad first impression; overgrown shrubs, faded paint, lack of shutters and stained concrete walkways make any home look tired and dull. Fortunately, first impressions are fast and affordable projects; landscaping, pressure washing and … (0 comments)

buying: How to Show Your Home if You Have a Pet - 10/25/09 03:15 AM
Selling a home with a pet in residence can be a difficult undertaking.
Many home buyers - even those with pets of their own at home - can be put off by yours. 
Pets Can Make Visitors Nervous
No one thinks of their own pet as scary. But even the mildest mannered cat or dog (not to mention snakes or mice!) can make a visitor nervous.
Perhaps the most common response from a home seller about the "threat" posed by their pet is denial: "Buffy is a sweetheart. She won't hurt anyone."
But no owner can be certain of how a … (6 comments)

buying: Remodel or Buy? Which Is Right for You? - 10/19/09 02:35 AM
The decision of whether to remodel an existing home or buy another one has become more difficult because of the price of real estate declining across much of the nation.
A few years ago, the benefits of remodeling were quite simple due to the cost savings. Today it isn't as straightforward.
The following are some things to think about when deciding whether to remodel or purchase a new property:
Lifestyle: Does your home continue to reflect your lifestyle? Experts agree the home should reflect anticipated lifestyle changes for the next five to seven years. If not, it might be a good … (0 comments)

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