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Realty Viewpoint: More Good News - Asking Prices Flatten - by Blanche Evans - It's a housing market that's being measured not in sales, but in the rate of decline. Finally there's some good news for sellers -- a floor is forming for some of the most volatile markets. According to the Altos 10-Ci...
Saturday, June 7, 2008 - A Tale of Two Marketing Campaigns - No matter what your business is, it is crucially important to remember that you are not primarily ‘in’ that business; you are primarily ‘in’ the business of marketing that business. So whether you are a real estate agent that uses RTV s...
Greetings Everyone,As a virtual tour provider in Southern MD.   I've been spending quite a bit of time lately explaining to Realtors that we've done tours for, the importants of marketing.  They seem to be a little lost about how its done and what to do with the tour after delivery.  Some have 10...
Greetings,As a full service RTV dealer in Southern MD, I would like to comment on my experiece with RTV and the tours that have been referred to me.   I received my first request to do a virtual tour from RTV in November of '07 for KB Homes, a builder in my area.   I read about tour track but did...
Greetings my fellow RTV Dealers, Well as I mentioned in an earlier blog here are two new tours by Creative Realty Solutions of Southern MD.   This is only our fifth tour but I'll admit it gets easier the more you do.   The rush I get when going out is unbelievable and I get a chance to share with...
Greeting my fellow VT Dealers, I received a call yesterday from a friend saying he just listed his home for sale in Eastern Maryland one week ago.   I asked him if he needed a virtual tour done and he said " how much ".   I informed him it would be $95 dollars as a favor rather than $110.  He sai...
Greetings,I'm riding in my car yesterday and I receive a call on my cell.   I don't recognize the number so I was going to let it go but I decided to answer.   Turns out it was a real estate investor I met months ago in Baltimore MD.   He's interested in having virtual tours done for some of his ...
  It’s taken a while but I finally found the time to do my very first company blog.   Bear with me since I’m a little nervous but I know it will pass with time and more blogging.   That being said I would like to talk a little bit about being a virtual tour provider in Waldorf MD.     We became a...

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