short sales: 4br-2965sqft - GREAT BUY IN ARROWCREEK ( South Reno, NV) ON HALF ACRE LOT - 02/24/12 06:07 AM
WOW- This may be one of the best deals in Arrowcreek !! Over a half acre cul-de-sac lot. Travertine floors, Large Kitchen, Granite counters, glass tile backsplash and cherry cabinets. City, Valley, Mountain and Golf Course Views. Price started at $475,000, Just Reduced to $399,000, You Must See This Home, It will not last at this price !! Call today ArrowCreek is a gated 3,200 acre master-planed golf community located in the foothills of southwest Reno. World-class resort style amenities is what sets ArrowCreek apart from other communities in the Reno area. ArrowCreek offers two 18-hole championship golf courses. … (0 comments)

short sales: Why Do 2nd Lenders Make The Short Sales Process SO Hard? - 01/19/11 09:16 AM
O.K. So we all know the short sale process is really fun to start with, but what are 2nd lenders thinking?? We represent many sellers in the short sale process and we all know several will have 2nd mortgages. We are working a file now that has a 2nd and the wonderful bank wants 20% of the balance owed to settle and give approval for the short sale. After going back and forth with them for many weeks and trying to counter, they just come back with the... Sorry, it's 20% ( cash only, no payments) or nothing. O.K. so you … (5 comments)

short sales: Another, I Can't Believe It Short Sale Story !!! - 10/11/10 09:29 AM
So nothing in this business ever surprises us anymore but I have to say this one floored us. We were representing a buyer on a short sale. We started the process back in May, waited months, got the approval letter and our close date was last week. About 3 weeks ago we did a property inspection and we meet the sellers and everything went just great. We did verify that the sellers were leaving certain items and we received the standard " yes for sure" on all those items. So we go to the buyer signing of loan docs and we were set to … (2 comments)

short sales: Reno Nevada / Sparks Nevada Short Sale Help - 08/16/10 08:39 AM
If you are considering a short sale and need answers, You MUST get the most accurate, up to date information you can, to make an informed decision. Our short sale web site is the most informative web site regarding short sales you will ever see. Visit it today to get all your questions answered. We are experienced short sale agents and have succesfully represented many sellers through this process. We list short sale properties in Reno and Sparks Nevada, Washoe County. 

short sales: 554 Days On The Market, BUT We WILL Close It. - 06/10/10 01:02 PM
We listed this great house 554 days ago. CRAZY !! Started out as a regular sale, then went to a short sale. 4 buyers later ( thanks to the VERY slow short sale process of a very large bank- They have the letters B and A in their name, any ideas which lender ?) Then we finally got bank approval, had a buyer stick it out and we are set to close this week !!!! YEAH YEAH
So the lesson, don't EVER give up, keep pushing, they are all not this hard. And yes, figuring all the hours spent on this file we will have … (0 comments)

short sales: Please Don't Strip Your Home When Trying To Do A Short Sale ! - 05/13/10 03:02 PM
We are representing a buyer now on a short sale and the first time we looked at the home the sellers were in the process of moving out but were not 100% out. Our buyers liked the home, wrote an offer that was accepted by the seller and now we are going through the fun process of trying to get lender approval. The buyers called a few days ago and wanted to go have a 2nd look around. No problem, I make the appointment and meet the buyers at the home. When we get there, the sellers had removed the mirrors above the master … (2 comments)

short sales: Short Sale or Just Let It Go?? - 05/04/10 07:12 AM
I have had a number of conversations lately with sellers that are asking this same question. Is it really worth it? Should I even bother doing a short sale? Several of these sellers have already meet with attorneys that don't really like the short sale option. As an experienced short sale listing team, I have to remind the sellers that if we can negotiate a successful short sale for them it WOULD be in their best interest. We explain that we work with their lenders and really push to get a complete release of future liability from them. If that's not possible we may … (0 comments)

short sales: Short Sale Listing- Price It Right !! - 04/24/10 05:23 AM
We have been showing several buyers short sale listings this year and it is driving me crazy that they are NOT priced right. Some will be priced WAY under market value, which we all know the bank will never accept, then we see several that are priced to high compared to recent sold comps. The buyer does not care that 3 years ago you paid double what the list price is now. Every lender will tell you they desire to get "Current Market Value" for that short sale request. Sorry they won't let it go for $50k under recent sold comps, and NO you won't get a buyer … (3 comments)

short sales: How Many Short Sale Are Still To Come ? - 03/30/10 10:43 AM
Every day, several times a day we log into MLS to see what is new on the market for our buyers. WOW- When 75% or so of the new listings are " Short Sales" it does make you stop and wonder, just how many more are there to come? I have been telling people for a long time that I don't think we are any where close to the end of short sales. There are so many small business owners that have hung on, used credit lines & credit cards for so long, just hoping it will turn soon but are … (0 comments)

short sales: Short Sale Listing, Not Any More !! - 03/26/10 12:08 PM
So we take a short sale listing last year, do all the work to market it, find a buyer, get in contract and away we go. We upload the deal on the new equator system, our seller uploads all her information and now we wait. BPO is completed quickly, negotiator is assigned and we are feeling good that we are well on our way. Weekly calls and e-mails to check status but never great updates, just it is going through the process. Seller keeps getting calls about the past due loan, seller explains the home is in short sale and on equator, the answer from … (3 comments)

short sales: My Never Ending Search For Hud Approval On A Short Sale Is OVER !! - 03/16/10 05:11 AM
My 300 calls and e-mails paid off today ! After my 6:00 a.m. call this morning to the closing negotiator she finally signed the HUD off and sent it back to escrow to close today. How can this last step in the short sale process take a week to get done? I will never know. But I am SO happy to be done !! My lesson in this deal, Never give up, Never ! 

short sales: Short Sales using Equator May Be The Answer for BofA - 03/10/10 10:56 AM
I have to say I was more than skeptical when BofA switched to Equator for their short sale support, but after just getting a counter offer back in 16 working days from BofA through the Equator system I am hopeful now ( Yes BPO done and counter back in that time frame). I still have several deals with Equator that are taking much longer but this has at least for today given me hope !!  

short sales: Why Are Lenders Not Helping To Get Short Sales Done?? - 03/04/10 10:14 AM
As listing agents that represent many sellers in the painful short sale process, every day is SO frustrating !! As you can tell by my photo, the hair is already gone. What else do they want from me? We have closed many short sales, so we know the process works but day after day we fight with the lenders to just get HELP !! Some files taking almost a year to close is just CRAZY !!. The lenders just have to start helping to speed the process up. They have had the past 2 years to staff up for the waive of short … (2 comments)

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