green: Unsustainably Green - 07/16/08 02:32 PM
A few weeks ago, I connected with author and activist April Langschied. She writes under the pen name of A Brewster Smythe and is the Founder of the Waynedale Green Alliance. The WGA, like the Irvington Green Initiative that I work with, is a grassroots organization that seeks to better our communities by involving our friends and neighbors in efforts to sustain and improve our economy and environment. Since we share many similar interests and goals, April asked if I'd be willing to answer a few interview questions for the numerous outlets that she writes for. By the time we were … (0 comments)

green: This Old Green House - 07/11/08 06:39 AM
I recently did an interview with a journalist that asked me what the difference between "greening" a historic home versus "greening" any other existing home was. Interesting question. What do you think the answer is? I thought I accurately summed up the answer by saying "nothing and everything."
Judging by the silence from across the table, my point wasn't explicitly clear. Perhaps it was time to elaborate. In most cases as long as you're not receiving any historic tax credits or grant money, "greening" the interior of your historic home is really no different from any other home.
You should obviously … (2 comments)

green: Outside the Green Box - 05/07/08 12:30 PM
Regular visitors to Renovation Resources know that the posts here are about renovating your home. They're about products, best practices and the process of building, upgrading or expanding your home. They often revolve around Green or Sustainable issues. Some are even meant to guide you through the process of selecting design professionals and craftspeople to work with. But let's think outside of the box right now. Let's go outside of the big, Green or soon-to-be Green box that is your home. Is your yard green? I don't mean Scotts Lawn green. I mean good for your family, your neighborhood and the … (3 comments)

green: Are We Too Green? - 04/30/08 02:57 PM
It happened last night. I was listening to homeowners who had volunteered to be test cases for the Irvington Green Initiative's "Recognition Program." We were holding a forum designed to produce honest feedback after two months of working within our guidelines and criteria. This was it; the big test. The Committee had worked for several months to design the program and develop the criteria which these families, some experienced "greenies," some not, had graciously agreed to "test."
That's when the bomb dropped. Maybe it wasn't a bomb so much as a rising tide, a tsunami perhaps. Anyway, it started with a person … (3 comments)

green: Green is a Fad - 04/10/08 01:54 PM
That's right, Green is a fad. Hear me now all you Eco-Brokers, LEED AP's, CGP's and the like. Green is a fad. In fact, some industry experts predict that the marketable, life expectancy of all of your fancy titles and certifications is a mere 5 years. And it's a good thing too!
"How can this be," you ask? "Is he crazy," you wonder? "Yes," some will reply. "But we've worked so hard and preached and blogged and studied and conserved and watched Ed Begley Jr. and changed our ways and our families' ways," you claim.
All right, calm down. Take a deep … (12 comments)

green: Do I Scare You? - 02/26/08 11:00 AM
A movement abounds where homes and buildings are recognized, even rewarded for being energy and resource efficient; for being healthy for their inhabitants and friendly to their environment. Products are being developed to add comfort and value to your home. What's not to like?I'm guessing that given the choice between building a home that allowed you to spend less on utility bills and maintenance and that was a healthy place for you and your family to live and a home that was built with little consideration of any of these issues, wouldn't make for a tough decision.Let's say that you're headed … (10 comments)

green: The Mainstream is Green - 02/17/08 12:12 PM
The days of Green or Sustainable design and building being an "alternative" practice are past. As usual, studies abound; everyone from the National Association of Home Builders to the U.S. Green Building Council cite statistics from the number of new housing starts that are Energy Star qualified, to the number of LEED Certified Professionals and buildings, to the explosion in the number and types of "green" products in the market place. As usual, the trend is stronger in California , the Pacific Northwest and the Southeast than in the Midwest, but even Indianapolis is getting into the game.As you read this, … (0 comments)


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