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I have numerous friends and family in the area that I regularly have property management conversations with.  The most popular recurring topics are usually around how long X property has been vacant, or how bad X person’s last tenant was.  The bad stories are always far more fun to tell, or at le...
California has passed a bill (SB 150) now disallows HOA's from changing the rules mid-game on a landlord by restricting rentals within the HOA.  This bill took effect January 1st.An association which previously has no restrictions on rentals, that attempts to amend the HOA to then restrict the am...
More tax increases for property investors. =(  If only our reps would focus on tax reducing measures rather than tax increasing measures. That would make me happy. The Internal Revenue Service has issued a 255-page guide in the Federal Register. The new rules, which went into effect on January 1,...
I wrote about Google Voice a while back and provided a detailed review of google voice right after it was released to the public.  Time really does fly, as I'm shocked to see that was 3 years ago back in 2009.  Since that time, Google Voice has become a valuable part of mine and many of our clien...
I was pleased to read about Wisconsin proposing new rules which are actually in favor of landlords.  It's an increasing problem across the country where cities and counties are passing laws which could harm the very fabric that landlords rely upon to run their business.Some examples of laws some ...

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