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    Banks are, more than ever before, facing huge, sometimes devastating losses from loans they have made that are in default. Foreclosure rates are high all around the country, and it appears that it will continue to get worse for awhile. because of this, many banks are trying to look at options...
Hey there! I just wanted to let everyone know about a group I started here on AR, called "Artsy-Fartsy." It is designed for us to have a place to showcase our creativity and talents, whether they are in art, writing, music, crafts... Whatever you do that gives you a creative outlet, I want you to...
  Well, it happened again! I received a call from a buyer looking for a Bargain home. The buyer said she received my name off of a "network" she joined, looking for foreclosures and other Bargain homes. I asked her which property she was wanting information on, and she rattled off the address of ...
There is no doubt in anyone's mind that the real estate market is changing. For those of us in this industry, we HAVE to keep an eye on things in our areas or else we'll fall behind as buyers seek out more knowledgeable agents. So, I ask you, What is the market doing in your area right now? Is th...

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