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I list and sell foreclosures. Not a glamorous job, by any means. All you have to do is read some of the posts and look at some of the photos in the REO groups here, and you will get an idea what I am talking about. When my "emergency kit" that travels everywhere I do includes such things as bug r...
Maybe I am showing my age here, but I remember that old song, "Cat Scratch fever." I always thought it an odd title, and never knew that any such illness actually existed. Until last month, that is...On September 28th, I had BPOs to do. It was afternoon, so I picked up my girls and hit the road. ...
    Yep, it is now deer season! Okay, archery season started on October 1st, but today starts firearms season, and this is when it gets really interesting...    I moved from the Chicago area to Thayer, Missouri when I was 15. talk about culture shock! Thayer had about 2000 people then and 67 in m...
Here's a drawing I did of an actor who portrayed Jesus in a tv mini-series. It is now hanging in my church. Ignore the glare from the glass. let me know what you think...
For several years I worked at convenience stores. I loved it. I was energized by the constant activity. Having 300-400 different people in front of me every day was absolutely beautiful. But then again, I like people. I love people! I had the customers who were just passing through who stopped fo...
Okay, a recent new listing caught me unprepared, and I learned a thing or two that I want to share...First, always expect the worst when you go to enter a property for the first time. If it isn't so bad, you'll be thrilled, but if it is and you're not ready for it...I carry the following things i...
Well, it's here! I know fall officially started awhile back, but it has just been the past few days that it has really "felt" like Autumn. Cooler mornings, just enough to make me kick on the furnace to cut the chill, and a little frost on the windshields so I have to start the car a few minutes b...
I am furious! I just came from my weekly inspection of my local REO listings, and found one unsecured. I mean the lock-box was left on the code, and none of the doors were locked. There have been several other agents showing that property this week, so I will probably never be able to figure out ...
I just want to let everyone know that I have started a new group (called Artsy-Fartsy) for those of us who may want to share their talents and creativity with each other. I have already seen some samples of work by very talented people in this community, and want to give everyone a chance to disp...
     I hear it from other agents ALL the time, that "buyers are liars." While I have had my share (or more) of buyers who tell me they want one thing, then buy something different, I just cannot believe that so many intend to be deceptive. I think, from my own experience, that it can be very diff...

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