bpo: The Importance of Accurate valuations Part 2: What's Wrong With Agents Getting Together and Submitting the Same Values??? - 02/28/08 05:59 AM
I am about to discuss one of my pet peeves. I don't know about agents in other areas, but this happens a lot around here. I wish more Asset Managers would be aware of this going on and find more honest, conscientious agents to do their BPO and REO work...
"Hi there! I have an order to do an interior BPO on your listing at....."  Great! The bank is moving forward and we are that much closer to getting this foreclosed property on the market and sold for them! I have already submitted my BPO, in most cases, and now the bank … (12 comments)

bpo: Do you want to start selling foreclosed properties? Here's how! - 11/30/07 06:53 AM
I list and sell foreclosures. Not a glamorous job, by any means. All you have to do is read some of the posts and look at some of the photos in the REO groups here, and you will get an idea what I am talking about. When my "emergency kit" that travels everywhere I do includes such things as bug repellent to try to keep the fleas off, Vick's Vaporub to put under my nose so as not to smell my newest listing, disposable rubber gloves because I'd really rather not touch anything, and a complete change of clothes in case all of … (14 comments)

bpo: REO in the Missouri Ozarks - 01/01/07 01:01 AM
      My name is Amber Bourland, and I sell real estate in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of south-central Missouri. I know, lots of other people do, too. So what's so special about what I do? Well, for one thing, I belong to an independent brokerage. That means we aren't franchised or owned by a big corporation somewhere that doesn't understand our area and our people. We choose to be independent because that allows us to work with each client individually and in the manner that best benefits the client. We take pride in finding solutions to tricky marketing or financing issues, … (3 comments)


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