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Well...After seeing numerous people here on AR and just about everywhere else tell me that I need to build a Twitter account... I finally caved.  You can see my account at It was painless to get one built...and with the millions and millions of people that are on there...I h...
I recently wrote a post a while back about a couple of smart phones that I was looking at getting and requested some feedback from everyone about what they use and why.  Many of you responded and I certainly appreciated everything that everyone had to say.  Im happy to say that despite all of the...
I wrote this post yesterday..........and I had to repost it (because I think its important) and there is an update and a shout out at the bottom from Michelle Nichols!   I subscribe to a sales newsletter from  And, when mine showed up today, I ran across this news blip on there ...
I subscribe to a sales newsletter from  And, when mine showed up today, I ran across this news blip on there that I needed to share with everyone...Please read below. "Did you hug your kids today? Late last year, long-time SalesDog friend and contributor Michelle Nichols left he...
I just recieved an email from Jennifer L. agent of mine that has been with my company for roughly 3 months.  She is in Greensboro, NC, and works with Bruce Williams & Associates -- a Re/Max affiliate in Greensboro.  Jennifer is a wonderful person with a kind heart and a spirit to match...
I just caught this on CNN... Starbucks has released the entire list of the 600 stores that will be closing by the end of this year due to slacking performance.  Once I had heard this, I jumped on the website and found the list of stores.  Actually, none of the stores that are closing are in Monta...
For those of you that dont know...Missoula is the home of the University of Montana (GO GRIZZLIES!!)   and the home of Real Estate Client Referrals (  Many years ago, the University wanted to preserve some 'green space' behind the campus and purchased Mount Sentinel from the federal...
So, to be fair to the situation...Today's entry is a sign.  And, you do need to drive on a road to get to it.  But, it isn't a ‘road sign' per say.  However, funny none the less! Today's entry comes to us from Drummond, MT.  If you turn off of Interstate 90 and head south just outside of Drummond...
Sorry, but I had to share this... I was channel surfing the other night and tripped over the FoodNetwork channel...And on the show that was on, Guy Fieri was talking to someone about a tomato alfredo sauce that they make in thier restaurant... So, I paid attention to what they put into it and I d...
What was once considered a novelty by motorists and cyclists alike is now a HUGE deal! I was in the market for a scooter a few months ago and checked out this machine.  Nice ride...cost around $5k.  As gas prices have risen, my curiosity about this bike again surfaced.  So, I headed down to Scoot...

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