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First and foremost, this post really has nothing at all to do with real estate...more about life in general.  So, I hope no one is offended by the fact that I'm thankful as all Hell about what I have and I'm not afraid to tell the entire world about it.  Negative people be warned.  Secondly, you ...
Nothing beats a cold day like a hot bowl of homemade soup.  And, since it is that time of year again, I dug out an old favorite of mine...Taco Soup.  This recipe is simple and very good! Taco Soup---------------------------------------------1 lb ground chuck (hamburger works) browned1 pkg taco sp...
  The 'Clintonian' definition of INSANITY is this: "Doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results."  Having that in mind, lets move on... I'd like to share with you all a little piece of advice I recieved from my Economic's professor in college...Dr. Colleen Johnson.  ...
Believe it or not, the human nose can detect and clarify about 10,000 smells.  That's right....10,000!  We know that the power of smell is one of the strongest senses we, as humans, posess.  And recent studies have shown that scent is the strongest of our 5 senses that is tied directly to memory....
I had to come in on a Saturday (today) and do a little office work.  Just like any other day, I check my email and was floored by what I found in there.  One of my testimonial agents, Ken Isaacman, wrote to me about my drip email campaigns I use to help my agents.  Here is what he had to say: Hey...
Im not a 'preachy' kind of person.  I don't claim to be an expert because I have a fancy title or years of schooling or experience (although both are true in this case).  I am fairly simple.  If you ask me for my opinion, you will get it.  Honest...straight forward...perhaps even blunt.  So, when...
Yeah...Like I need another distraction.  (I have Jason Crouch himself to thank for this one...) I was on Twitter the other day chatting with Jason, and he started telling me about  Now, Im a former DJ...used to work at 3 different radio stations during college...and had a wonderful time ...
Regardless of how often Brokers or Sales Managers say not to do it, there are certain phrases that continually pop up during the course of a presentation/phone call/appointment that simply take a client's confidence and shake it to the very core.  Sometimes even to the point of losing your listin...

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