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  It's 2011...Well, almost... It's time to think about your future. Do you need that office space? Really NEED it, I mean? With the real estate industry evolving at the rate that it is, many agents have adapted to include the ability to be as mobile as possible.  Gone are the days of meeting at t...
I just made these last night...figured I'd share.   Chocolate Mint Drops 4 cups of powdered sugar (split in two)1/2 cup butter2 eggs...1 pkg of semi-sweet chocolate chips (melted)2 tsp vanilla2 tsp peppermint extract (dont use "mint" extract or they taste like toothpaste...)Use a counter-top mixe...
Top 10 things people fear the most...... 10. Dogs -- I have to admit, I am not afraid of dogs. I am not even afraid of the dogs I probably SHOULD be afraid of... 9. Loneliness -- Again...this is one that I do not have to deal with...I am ok with it. But, I know many people that do have to deal wi...
I remember when I was 7 years old......Creeping down the stairs......Hoping to see a pile of goodies left under the tree for me......Excitement building upon seeing the plate of half-eaten cookies and an empty glass of milk......Sooty boot tracks along the carpet that came from the fireplace (HE ...

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