real estate pipeline: Real Estate Winners VS Losers (Where Do You Fall?) - 09/12/11 03:57 AM
Im not a 'preachy' kind of person.  I don't claim to be an expert because I have a fancy title or years of schooling or experience (although both are true in this case).  I am fairly simple.  If you ask me for my opinion, you will get it.  Honest...straight forward...perhaps even blunt to a fault.  I don't pull punches...and I don't take it easy on anyone. So, when I was asked recently to evaluate a group of sales people on their successes and failures -- and to be honest about my findings -- I didn't pull any punches when reporting.
For … (133 comments)

real estate pipeline: Top 10 Sins of Sellers (Based On My Buyer Experience...) - 09/01/11 04:17 AM
Like many a person, I bought a home in 2009. And, although we are very happy with our home we did purchase, during this process, I happened to notice that as we viewed house after house, I kept seeing the same things happen over and over.
And…not good things. Bad things. Bad things that were blatantly obvious to me. Bad things that literally turned me off. Bad things that were keeping this otherwise fine house I was standing in from selling faster.
So, like any good blogger would we went through the homes, I started keeping track of things … (14 comments)

real estate pipeline: Converting PowerPoint Presentations To Video -- A How To...(With Graphics!) - 08/31/11 05:06 AM
I learned a valuable lesson the other day -- YouTube does NOT support PowerPoint presentations!
I spent several hours waiting for an upload I THOUGHT was going to go through just fine only to find this out...wasted an entire afternoon, it seemed. So, I set out on a quest of finding out how to convert my PowerPoint into a video. It melted my brain.
So, I figured I'd share what I learned with you guys to help you avoid the aneurysm I nearly had...
1. Obviously, the first part of this is to have … (11 comments)

real estate pipeline: Hardcore Advice: Working Internet Leads (Not For The Meek, Mild, or Faint of Heart...) - 08/29/11 04:17 AM
** Disclaimer -- Hard-knock, old school advice contained within. (I usually write things with humor, sarcasm, and a certain lilt that most enjoy... This has none of that. Toughen up. This is about as serious as I can get without thinking I need coffee...or a vacation...)
“Internet leads are the new office phone call!” One of the folks that follows me on Facebook said that the other day. And, to be totally honest, I couldn't agree more.
The truth of the matter is that the internet lead is here to stay. (DUH!) And according to a recent NAR stat, 94% … (160 comments)

real estate pipeline: The Road To Buying A Foreclosure - 08/25/11 08:32 AM
I just threw together a SlideShare presentation and was curious if I could get some feedback from you guys on it.
Please, check out and critique as needed...
The road to buying a foreclosure View more presentations from Real Estate Pipeline, Inc. As always, connect with me on Twitter or on Facebook! … (5 comments)

real estate pipeline: This Is Why Im A Dog Person... - 08/24/11 10:19 AM
Time for a little levity...
I have to admit...I do not like cats. Never have...My mom had a cat when I was growing up...Siamese. It hated me. Soulless devil spawn, it was...
I know there are plenty of people out there that love cats. And, that is all well and good. I'm happy for you. I, however, do not share in your enthusiasm. And, here is a brief synopsis as to why...
Sit on the sofa. Pick up your cat and cradle it in the crook of your elbow as though you were … (16 comments)

real estate pipeline: Using "REALTOR®" Online -- Know The Rules! - 08/23/11 05:43 AM
Many of you know that I'm online a lot. A lot...
Now, I don't mean I turn on my computer and occasionally check my email or post on Facebook once a week. No...I am online ALL DAY. From the time I arrive at work until I decide it is time to leave, I am online. And, then I go home...and spend the evening online once my kids go to bed. I'm pretty much an addict.
And, one thing I continually see online is real estate agents using the power of the internet to help them promote their business.
All well and … (124 comments)

real estate pipeline: Get Better At What You Do -- Online Lead Generation Group On FaceBook - 08/22/11 03:45 AM
Most of you are keenly aware of the fact that I am not an real estate agent. In fact, I work for one of those annoying lead generation companies. And, I have done so for the last 8 years. If there is one thing that I do know about this industry, it is lead generation, lead follow up, and lead conversion.
Many of you are also aware that I'm a social media junkie and complete addict.
Having said that, I got a wild hair about a week or so ago and started a group on Facebook solely for the purpose of … (9 comments)

real estate pipeline: Breaking The Matrix: How To Tout Your Klout - 08/15/11 04:48 AM

If you have been involved in social media for any length of time at all, you have heard about Klout. Klout is an online 'yard stick' designed to measure the "influence" you have on your social media network. In other words, how big of a splash you make when you toss a rock into the social media mud puddle.
Being the inquisitive type...and having been a bit of a Klout skeptic for quite some time, I set out on a task this last week to see if I could break Klout...or, at least, learn more about it to prove either … (14 comments)

real estate pipeline: Seven Ways To Get Clients To Say Yes! - 08/12/11 04:46 AM
I was fortunate enough to have written a post a couple days ago that got featured on ActiveRain...and in one of the comments, a fine lady challenged me to write a new list. But, this time, instead of what you SHOULDN'T do, she wanted to know what she could do to make herself and her business better.... Brilliant idea! (Kinda upset that I didn't think of this before, actually...)
So, Jane....this is for you.
(And anyone else that is interested....)
Whether you want to admit it or not, you are using something to your advantage to get someone to … (17 comments)

real estate pipeline: 10 Things Agents Say That Destroy Client Confidence - 08/10/11 04:03 AM
Seems to me that regardless of how often Brokers or Sales Managers say not to do it, there are certain phrases that continually pop up during the course of a presentation/phone call/appointment that simply take a client's confidence and blow it clean out of the water...Sometimes even to the point of losing your listing to another agent...losing that big sale...or even driving away a potential repeat customer.
Having said that, I ran across a blog a long time ago that listed the top 10 things that sales people should never say.  So, I thought I would take that list and go through … (203 comments)

real estate pipeline: Taglines, Slogans, and Bears. Oh My! - 08/09/11 06:15 AM
Let's take a little test... Name the companies that use the following tag-lines:
1. The Breakfast of Champions2. The King of Beers3. The San Francisco Treat4. It Keeps Going, and Going…
Pretty simple stuff, right?
Everyone knows that Wheaties is the breakfast of champions. 
Let's look at Budweiser. Long has it been known that Budweiser is the "king" of beers. (It doesn't get any better than being the king. The king is the top of the heap, the head honcho, the alpha dog. Why would you associate with something that isn't the best??)
Rice-a-Roni is the San Francisco treat. Always has … (21 comments)

real estate pipeline: The Touch Stone -- Have You Trained Your Brain Wrong? - 08/08/11 07:49 AM
Let's start with a little story........
As a young boy, Tan had always heard of stories handed down by his father and his father's father of a magical rock that, when held by someone, would grant them any wish. It was called a 'touch stone'. A person would know they found the touch stone because the stone would be smooth and a ball...and warm to the touch. And, as luck would have it, it was said to be along the shore of a small lake near the village where Tan grew up.
After hearing these stories for his entire life, … (16 comments)

real estate pipeline: I Can't Make This Stuff Up - 08/05/11 04:43 AM
I can't make this stuff up...
A New Orleans lawyer sought an FHA loan for a client.
He was told the loan would be granted if he could prove satisfactory title to a parcel of property being offered as collateral. The title to the property dated back to 1803, which took the Lawyer three months to track down. After sending the information to the FHA, he received the following reply: "Upon review of your letter adjoining your client's loan application, we note that the request is supported by an Abstract of Title. While we compliment the able manner … (14 comments)

real estate pipeline: Two Words: Shut. Up. - 08/03/11 09:26 AM
I admit it. I need a 12 step recovery program for Twitter. I'm hopelessly addicted to Twitter. Hopelessly!
Aside from the obvious health risks associated with addiction as a whole, I have to admit that one of the reasons I am so addicted is I am following some of the most amazing people there. (Some of which are industry-leaders including Chris Brogan. (If you do not know who Chris is...I seriously suggest you repent immediately. Read a book or something, people.)
Anyway, one of the many times I was glancing at Twitter yesterday, I happened to see a tweet that struck … (70 comments)

real estate pipeline: Is 2011 The Year To Dump Your Desk?!? - 12/27/10 02:18 AM
It's 2011...Well, almost...
It's time to think about your future. Do you need that office space? Really NEED it, I mean?
With the real estate industry evolving at the rate that it is, many agents have adapted to include the ability to be as mobile as possible.  Gone are the days of meeting at the office or heading back to the office in order to get anything done. In fact, a good number of agents don’t even have an office. (Isnt that what Starbuck's is for?!?) Their office has 4 doors, not just one…and it sports 4 wheels and … (59 comments)

real estate pipeline: How To NOT Be Afraid of Follow-up - 12/22/10 09:52 AM
Top 10 things people fear the most......
10. Dogs -- I have to admit, I am not afraid of dogs. I am not even afraid of the dogs I probably SHOULD be afraid of...
9. Loneliness -- Again...this is one that I do not have to deal with...I am ok with it. But, I know many people that do have to deal with this daily.
8. Flying -- I love to fly. My wife would rather rip her fingernails out with pliers than board a plane.
7. Death -- Pretty deep subject...I would say I fear the death of those I … (7 comments)

real estate pipeline: Thankful...For Everything. - 11/24/10 12:05 AM
First and foremost, this post really has nothing at all to do with real estate...more about life in general.  So, I hope no one is offended by the fact that I'm thankful as all Hell about what I have and I'm not afraid to tell the entire world about it.  Negative people be warned. 
Secondly, you may learn more about me than you ever wanted to know by reading this.  Fair warning again.
See, I was just talking with several agent friends of mine on Twitter...and someone said something that really struck a cord with me.  We were … (78 comments)

real estate pipeline: Make It A Better 2011 In 5 Simple Steps - 11/15/10 12:22 AM
With so many people doing their best to set themselves up for a better year in 2011, I thought of a quick basic list of the ways that someone could re-invent and invigorate their career by investing time and effort into the one asset that all agents have - Themselves. 
The key principle to this is the fact that, despite this uncertain market, there are people that appear to be striving to make their own abilities better and below are five simple ways to do so...and a good healthy dose of my own explanations as to why this is so important … (78 comments)

real estate pipeline: Call Your Prospects. FASTER! - 11/10/10 12:15 AM
“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” ~~ Patrick F. Drucker
As we head into the beginnings of 2011...and everyone is working on their business plans and preparing to make 2011 better than 2010 was...I wanted to hammer home a point I have been trying to make for the entire year both here on my blog and on my fan page on Facebook -- CALL YOUR PROSPECTS FASTER!!
Let me give you an example...
So, there I am...sitting in the drive-thru at McDonalds. (Not that important really...everyone reading this has been there more than once, … (37 comments)