use: Using The Word REALTORĀ® Online -- Know The Rules! - 09/20/10 02:01 AM
I'm online a lot.
Now, I don't mean I turn on my computer and occasionally check my email or post on Facebook once a week. No...I am online ALL DAY. From the time I arrive at work until I decide it is time to leave, I am online. Roughly 10 hrs a day, give or take.
And, one thing I continually see online is real estate agents using the power of the internet to help them promote their business. All well and good, really. And, I'm happy to see it. I just wish more of them knew that using the word … (98 comments)

use: The Next Big Marketing Thing -- FourSquare?? - 01/05/10 11:58 PM
Being the mega-geek that I am, I'm more than willing to jump onto any technological geek-fest that seems like it might be fun to do or a cool way of connecting with other people. Some of them I like...some of them, not so much. But, one of the more recent ones that I am really enjoying lately is FourSquare.
FourSquare is an internet based location updater in a game-style format.Ā  Basically, it works like this...
You are going to the grocery store. As you pull up, you grab your smartphone, activate the FourSquare app, and "check-in" at your destination. This will … (105 comments)