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Me, aged 14, in Köln, Germany. Last time I did one of these it took me a long time to get it finished. Now that I think about, I still have the book MeMe laying about from Kristin Moran.  I better get to that one soon.  I guess that means I have to read or something (just kidding).  This MeMe is...
  photo courtesy of YuviPanda I wrote recently about commenting on blogs and had an idea this morning. We all love to receive comments and some of us love to read them.  After writing the post, I kept thinking about how commenting on ActiveRain and other blogs I read has benefited me and the othe...
photo courtesy of infandum There is that magic hour on Christmas morning, when the world goes silent. Ever since I was a kid I noticed it.  Even when I was up before my parents, itching to tear in to that large box under the tree that I had no clue as to what it was.  There was always a moment o...
photo courtesy of Invisible Hour As if flying wasn't traumatizing enough. I've flown a lot in my 36 years.  By my last count, I have logged over 300,000 miles.  I forgot how many miles I've spent over the years on trips, so the estimate may even be a bit low - 300,000 are the miles I know I've f...
photo courtesy of Paul L McCord Jr Rivercenter Mall in downtown San Antonio getting a new look. Construction is underway for the new look for the Rivercenter Mall in downtown San Antonio.  In what is supposed to take up to five years, the Rivercenter Mall (or "Rivercenter" as its called locally)...
photo courtesy of Mr. J Doe A tweet by someone I follow showed me something I hadn't seen yet. I follow a local here in San Antonio named @gharman who is a writer and journalist (who has his own blog, "harman on earth") and he's always full of interesting environmental tidbits and facts.  His ow...
photo courtesy of ittybittiesforyou Animal Defense League of San Antonio, Texas. In light of my recent posting about the stray cat living under my deck and the response to it, I thought I'd write a little about my favorite place in San Antonio for pets and the care for the animals that get left ...
image courtesy of g.originals My wife and I have a tendency to find stray cats. Since our last cat passed away, we have been noticing a little cat scooting about our backyard late at night.  Over time, we realized he was heading under the large deck in our backyard and assumed he must be living ...
photo courtesy of Old Shoe Woman Recently I wrote more than normal. Over the course of two days I wrote a little more than normal.  In those two days, I commented like mad and wrote 4 posts (2 a day) and even re-blogged one I thought more people should see (with permission of course).  I was fee...
I had watched in amazement when Photosynth was first revealed. For those of you that haven't seen Photosynth before, let's start at the beginning (if you know what we're talking about, skip down a few lines). Photosynth is a project from Microsoft Live Labs that is absolutely mind-numbing. It ta...

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